Monday, September 30, 2013

"be anxiously engaged"... (and GO AGGIES!!!)

Havre is essentially pronounced as if it were spelled "Haver". Since the origin is French, it probably should be pronounced with more flair, but, uh, this is Montana. So it's "Haver".

Our ward seems smaller than the Wadsworth ward, but actually not by too much since the Wadsworth ward got Cloverleaf hacked off. They seem to be excited to have Sisters, but I haven't gotten any impressions of how much the members trust the missionaries or how they viewed the Elders. Did I tell you about the predictions for Havre? I can't remember...

Our ward mission leader (WML) is phenomenal! (So is our stake president, but that's a separate story). Our WML was completely inactive as of about a year ago. He wanted nothing to do with the church, and there was nothing that you could do to tell him otherwise. And then his dad died. And his world got flipped upside down. Now he is a passionate member and gives his whole heart to missionary work. Even if the ward had not-as-motivated-missionaries, he would work with them to help progress the area.

                                                                                  Cozy Basement Suite :)

We have dinners from members almost every day, and they are all extremely nice. I would say, however, that this ward is largely newly-wed or nearly-dead. Sometimes I am timid about eating meals from people who can barely see.... just kidding! Kind of... Well, so far the food's been great!

In general though, we are having difficulty in finding people to listen and people willing to change. But I'm not worried, Sister Jones and I are doing our best, and we will find the people or know how to help the people we are working with.

"Funny" story- we were visiting a less-active sister and her non-member husband this week. They didn't have a couch or really anywhere to sit, so we stood talking to them in their living room. We weren't planning on being there long, but they were very friendly so we ended up talking to them for 45+ minutes. As we're starting to leave, Sister Jones crouched down, saying she wasn't feeling well. Then she asked to sit in the one available chair. As soon as she sat down, she was out! She only passed out for maybe 10s, but it was enough to freak everyone out! I supposed it isn't a "funny" story, but I guess since I've had a few passing-out sessions, I somehow found humor. Somehow we've driven past it at least 10 times since then. Anyways, that family won't ever forget our visit!

                                                                     Cozy Basement Suite part II.

Sister Jones and I had to attend a new missionary meeting Thursday at 9AM in Helena. That's a 4 hour drive one way. Guess when we found out about it? Wednesday morning. Yay for short notice!

So we had to wake up at 4:00AM. But it was a really good meeting and we learning a lot from it. We're going down to Helena again this Wednesday for zone conference. Our zone is performing a musical number, and I found a flute to borrow, so yay for flute!

Everyone here so far has been super nice, and maybe at some point later I'll tell you about the people Sister Jones and I have been visiting. But for now, I just want to share about faith.

Faith has been on my mind a lot lately, probably because we don't have many people to teach. But I was just realizing that faith is required for everything! If you want a stronger testimony, an answer to a question, meaningful prayer, people to teach, help with school, help with work, being a good parent, etc... it all requires faith!

But- often we define faith by Alma 32:21, having confidence in things "which are not seen, which are true". While accurate, that doesn't fully cover what faith means. Do you have faith in developing your testimony of prayer if your prayers are rote and lack meaning? Not really. And so this brings us to chapter 2 in James where we are told that we show our faith by our works.

I love the phrase in Doctrine and Covenants 58, that we should be "anxiously engaged in a good cause". If we want something to happen, then we need to be striving for it to happen- or else we really don't have faith in it happening.
This brings us to Ether 12:27, that we receive "no witness until after the trial of our faith". And thus it is, that whatsoever we desire, we need to be anxiously engaged in our works, and then we find the increase of our faith and achievement.
The scriptures promise us so many blessings, according to our faith and obedience. We would be wrong to think that these blessings should come if we are not doing all in our power. So focus, work hard, and be anxiously engaged! and thennnnn you can see the blessings :)

Have a great week!!

Don't forget about General Conference! :)

Sister Griffin


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