Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Havre you ever heard of Havre, Montana???

So much and yet so little has happened since last week!

Tuesday I woke up at 3:30 to take the FrontRunner to the SLC airport to fly to Billings! The airport at Billings is so tiny- smaller than the Akron one, for comparison. But it had all of these nice Native American decorations, so that was fun.

Tuesday was spent mainly eating and a little bit of orientation. President Mecham is very nice- he reminds me quite a bit of K from Men In Black. He looks like K and he's very serious....
Until you get him away from the office or podium. Then he's got this quirky sense of humor. Anyways, he's great and his wife is very sweet. She reminds me of a combination of Sister Dilts and Sister Greenhalgh.

Wednesday was more orientation and we got our areas. In case you didn't realize from the subject line, I'm serving in Havre, Montana. Where is Havre? Great question. It's closer to Canada than it is to any city or town of considerable size. Or so I've been told. It's on what is called the "hi-line" of Montana. 

So about my area: Havre has never had sisters. Or at least not for over 20-30 years. The elders who were in the area have been moved to Chinook. Most of what the elders would term as progressing investigators live on the Rocky Boy Reservation. This complicates things because then we have to coordinate with the Jacobsens to go there.

The Jacobsens are the senior missionary couple serving here in Havre. We live in their basement. I forgot to take a picture of our living area in the basement. It's an unfinished basement and we have heating ducts/etc between our beds and the desks. Only our bathroom has a door- every other entryway is a curtain. I meant to take pictures, but I forgot.

But I've gotten ahead of myself. I found out on Wednesday that I was headed to Havre. I didn't arrive until Friday late afternoon. Thursday was spent travelling from Billings to Bozeman to Helena and then to Great Falls. We had a "transfer meeting" in Great Falls with the stake president, some high counselors, and the zone. Apparently Havre is prophesied to become its own stake someday.

So Friday was when Sister Jones and I hopped in our brand new silver 2014 Chevy Cruze to Havre. Sister Jones is on her third transfer- she served two transfers in Kalispell. She is from northern California and is 19. She's super chill, so we get along really well- sometimes I get overwhelmed by strong personalities. 

I actually will be getting on facebook soon, as well as Sister Jones. We are hoping it will help with contacting people. Maybe those on the reservation have facebook? All it took was an interview with our zone leaders. Apparently the Havre ward already has a facebook page and there is a facebook seminar this Wednesday here.

Here's more about Montana- from what I've seen so far, through my Mid-Western perspective, Montana is brown. You can easily tell where the rivers and waters are because then there are suddenly all of these trees. 

Havre itself has some big hills, but nothing that could be deemed as "mountain". The lack of mountains and trees is what allows for Montana's "Big Sky".

I would say Havre feels the size of downtown Logan- just the older, downtown part. Anyone wanting to send me a history of Havre would get brownie points- apparently there's a historic underground part?

We haven't been here long, and so it's understandable that Sister Jones and I haven't been able to do much. We've mainly just researched the names left behind by the elders. We've attempted to contact a few, with very little success. There is one family that we'll be returning to teach. 

We had the most luck at the Care Center, primarily because they can't move very far or very fast... okay, sorry, that wasn't very politically correct. It was actually very sad- these people aren't very old (60s)- but they are so disabled and have so many health problems. It's hard because there isn't much we can do but talk with them and share uplifting messages.

Once we can actually find people- at the reservation and elsewhere- things can hopefully get rolling! Until then, Sister Jones and I will keep knocking on every door in the area book! (that is, if the elders remembered to write down the address!)

Let me know if I've forgotten any details that you'd like to know about Havre or Montana or my mission, etc!

Someone needs to cheer extra hard for me at the BYU-USU game!
(when was it again?)

Hope all is well back home!
Proverbs 3:5-6

Sister Griffin

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