Monday, September 16, 2013

Off to Montana!!!

So there will actually be more than 28 of us going to Billings on Tuesday because there are a few who have been temporarily reassigned while waiting for visas. One of them, Sister Williams, was reassigned to Billings (ultimately headed for Brazil) and her older sister got back from a mission to Billings less than a year ago. I thought that was cool. Anyways.

My district here is so awesome- I'm so glad that we are all going to the same mission so I can see them in the field or at reunions. Everyone brings something unique. Just for a taste, one elder, Elder Swisher, loves watching chick flicks and is extremely sarcastic. Another elder, Elder Howard, likes My Little Pony. Sister O'Mealy has deer antlers holding a coyote hide hanging in her room.

                                                                                 Sisters in our district

Funny story- you know the melting wax for sealing envelopes? Well, Sister Aller had some she wanted to use, but she didn't have any matches. We tried a hairdryer- that didn't melt it enough. So we went to the common area, grabbed paper towels, and stuck them in the toaster until they caught on fire and then used that to melt the wax. Yay for creative problem solving! Thankfully Sister O'Mealy wouldn't let Sister Aller use hairspray to aid in the lighting attempt.

                                                                                  Sister Griffin & Sister O'Mealy

Another funny story- Sister Aller and Sister Smith were discussing how the elders in our district keep pointing out cute sisters. Sister's Aller's comment was, "I think that's okay. I mean, it's just like: 'the workmanship thereof was exceedingly fine'". Let the really bad Mormon humor commence! 

Okay another funny story- our speaker last night was Rob Tanner- the director of 17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue. As part of his talk, he showed us clips from the movie. (Mind you, all of the MTC is watching this, even the ones over at the West Campus). Part of the movie has a courting scene where the young man and woman kiss. Needless to say, this created quite and uproar. It was pretty funny, and I think everyone was surprised that scene was included. I don't think President Nally appreciated our response though. 

Speaking of President Nally, I met him on Sunday because our branch president was released. They (President and Sister Ohman) are going to serve a couple mission.

Sister O'Mealy and I have improved with our teaching. Our experiences at the TRC this week went pretty well. The hardest one was maybe the Baptist and Catholic couple. But they were so nice, I feel like everyone went too easy on us.

We definitely have learned that the spirit is the teacher, and not us. At first we'd plan out our lessons with all these details, and they never went well. Because we were teaching lessons, not people. Eventually we just learned to come up with the main point we wanted to talk about (eg. the Atonement) and maybe one or two scriptures. And then just ask tons of questions. While following the spirit.

Another thing I learned about was how everyone has their different path. We watched a devotional thing on President Monson, and from that and reading his biography, it is just so clear that President Monson was preordained to be a prophet, and that everything in his life was preparing him for this mighty calling. 

Each of us have our own paths or callings in life. I know that serving a mission in Montana is part of Heavenly Father's plan for me. There are people that I need to meet in Montana and things that I need to learn. I'm grateful for this knowledge that I am where I need to be!

Today's my last day in the MTC!! Tomorrow morning I leave at 4:30am on the front runner for the airport! I couldn't be more excited!!

Sister G

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