Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Columbus Day!!

So tiny rant- every where cool in Havre that you'd want to visit- museums, buffalo jumps, the only ice cream shop, etc. is closed on Mondays! With the exception of the Havre Underground History tour.
So Sister Jones and I finally plan on checking out the "underground Havre". But guess what?
It was closed. For Columbus Day. Who even celebrates Columbus Day???? Apparently Havre. Nevermind that school and college is still in session. So happy Columbus Day!!
Sighhh maybe one Monday we'll find something fun to do in this town. But don't worry, I love Havre, I just wish they'd realize that Monday is preparation day :)
Since dad asked, this last week we had twenty-two lessons (including active member lessons), two investigators in church and commit to a baptisimal date.
So the two investigators saying they wanted to be baptized got married in April and had a date back in April to be baptized but couldn't make it to church because they don't have a car and live out in the reservation. And they don't have a phone to organize rides either.
We finally met this family this week and saw them on Thursday and Friday. She asked quite a few good questions and it was on Friday that they agreed to baptism at the end of this month.
We prayed and prayed our hearts out for them to be able to come to church, and they came!! First time ever! We organized the ride for them through a member in the ward. The hope though is that their rides to church can be taken over by the ward somehow...
There are 60 church members on the reservation, and all of the them are less-active. Almost all of them don't have cars. Very few active members live out that way. I wish there was a 15 passenger van that could just fall into the hands of the ward so that someone could give rides to everyone on the reservation who desires to go to church.

                                          The whiteboard Elder & Sister Jacobson gave to Sister Jones & Sister Griffin

There are so many barriers to the work, even the work not on the reservation!
Another investigator expressed her desire to be baptized. Her grandma (who raised her) is getting old and sick, and she wants to be able to be with her in the next life. She practically taught Sister Jones & I the plan of salvation. It was beautiful.
The problem though is with her boyfriend of about 15 years and 2 children. He doesn't want to get married. He's a less-active member, and doesn't have the desire to go to church. He seems to be struggling with himself- maybe tied back to when his grandmother died. (She raised him) Coming back to church would help him soo much! But the trick is getting him to see that...

RANDOM TIME! Sister Jones and I have matching winter coats! Sister Jones' mom didn't know what coat to buy, and I had mentioned that I had a father who tended to extensively research everything, including my winter coat.. Sister Jones didn't realize though that her mom would pick the same color as mine. Picture to follow :)
Speaking of snow, the weather in Havre has not included any snow! The whole week it's been in the 50s. I find it humorous that even though we're so far north, Great Falls and Helena have received snow before us.
Here's my thought of the week:
"How can I help (insert name of person) be successful?"
Any leader or any teacher must ask themself this question.
This can apply to almost anything, too.. school, church, social, political, etc..
But it's a very strong question- one that great leaders, amazing professors, and loving parents are good at answering. I know dad is constantly asking this question for his projects at work, his debaters at the high school, and for me and my brothers. If you ever have a question at how to be successful, ask dad. 
There are so many barriers to missionary work, and I want to help those I'm working with be successful. I want the families in the reservation to have a simple way to get to church. I want invesitgators to see why keeping appointments is important. I want them to read the Book of Mormon, and to pray about it. I want to see families united.
So how can I help them be sucessful? That's the question I'm working on right now!
But it's a question that applies to everything :)
If I ever become a math professor at some college tucked away in the mountains, that's the question that I hope I am asking myself every day for every student!
I ALMOST FORGOT!!! OUR MISSION HAS BEEN CHOSEN TO PILOT IPAD MINIS!!! Congrats Dad, you called it!! We're getting trained for them in a week or so, and so I'm assuming they'll arrive then or shortly after... :)
Sister Griffin

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