Monday, October 7, 2013

Mini Miracles...

So sad to hear about Chuckie! :( I would say worst news ever, but there's definitely worse news out there.

I'm pretty sure I've spent more time in a car or outside of Havre than in Havre this week!

Zone conference was Wednesday in Helena, so we left Tuesday and drove back Thursday. We had Sister Parr (she's a sister training leader, AKA female zone leader) for a few days and had to drive her back to Great Falls on Saturday.

                                                                        Sis. Jones, Sis. Griffin & Sis. Parr

So lots of driving.

But lots of good inspirational messages! Zone conference was *awesome* and General Conference was phenomenal!!!!! Everyone should go read Elder Ballard's talk and come up with your own missionary plan for helping to spread the gospel!!

Which brings me to a random idea: being a missionary is SUCH a blessing because you only have to focus on ONE thing- being a missionary. Everyday I know that everything that I should do is to "invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel" (missionary purpose in PMG).

This gives my prayers more purpose, my scripture study more purpose, my actions more purpose, I strive to always have the Holy Ghost, etc. because all of that is so necessary in inviting others to come unto Christ!

I love the idea of having a purpose- because in ANYTHING we do, a purpose helps us stay focused and achieve our fullest potential.

So each of you- think about your personal purpose. Start with the universal purpose of obtaining eternal life. And then go from there. Find purpose in everything you do :) 

                                                                 Sis. Jones, Zone Leaders & Sis. Griffin

Story time! Here's a mini miracle:
We were told one of our most progressing investigators was Jamie. Jamie was living in town but then moved to the reservation righhhhht before Sister Jones and I showed up.

Problem: it's next to impossible to find anyone on the reservation, and we had no indication as to where Jamie had moved to. Reservations don't have addresses, or records...fabulous. So basically we're not even sure that we'll ever be able to find Jamie.

Thursday we went on to Rocky Boy for the first time. (Don't worry, we were with the Jacobsens). First house we go to is some inactive person the Jacobsens want to contact. No answer. Great. We climb in the car to leave.

Then some woman runs out of the house across the street, flagging us down. Kind of weird. But guess who it was? Jamie. She had decided to look outside the window right as we were leaving. And she wanted a Book of Mormon, saying she had left hers in Havre and wanted to start reading it. Of course we had a copy to give her.

We're going back to teach her this Thursday. Heavenly Father knows His children, and is a God of miracles. He loves us each individually and infinitely.

Back to general conference, since my mom asked. We spent Saturday at our ward mission leader's home. (His wife is not a member, so we were able to justify it). They have the COOLEST house ever!! Buffalo head, deer heads, coyote pelts, old stoves, milk cans, vaulted wood ceiling, wood walls, saddles, Indian-style couches, cowboy hats, etc.. Definition of my ideal house.

And they have the coolest dog ever- gigantic Alaskan malamute! (Not sure if I spelled the breed right). Yeah, it's taller than I am when it stands on its hind legs, NBD. Oh, and the other dog is missing one of its front legs.

Sunday morning we were at the church, Sunday afternoon we were at a recent convert's house.

Can I just say that I really appreciated the emphasis on FAMILY!!!! It seems that every family here in Havre is broken to some degree. It is so sad that co-habitation before marriage is such commonplace and that so many view children out of wedlock as a worthy endeavor. This is not what Heavenly Father has planned for His precious spirit children, and every child deserves to be raised by both a mother and father who are committed to each other and show their commitment through marriage.

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

Back to Rocky Boy Reservation- it's in the Bear Paw Mountains, and it's very beautiful, especially with the leaves changing colors. Though I must admit- the Bear Paws look like mountains in texture and character, but they are EXTREMELY short. Like half the height of normal mountains.

But, having gone to the reservation, I can now say that I've served a foreign mission! These people have such a strong 
culture, and so we are trying to learn as much as we can so we can understand where they're coming from and to obey all of the social rules.

For instance, if a Native American offers something to you, you take it!!! Including food. Lots and lots of food. Also, never point!! Pointing is rude. 

And a Pow-Wow is not a ceremony or this crazy cultural thing- it's a dancing competition that you can win money at. Sisters Jones, Parr, and I almost went to one this weekend, but then decided we would be going for the wrong reasons. We're trying to be exactly obedient. 

Hope all is well!! :)
Sorry if I was scatter-brained...

Sister Griffin  

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