Monday, November 18, 2013

All you need is love...

Guess what! Remember I talked about the Hispanic college students we ran into? Well one of them went to church with her roommate! It was such a pleasant surprise to see her there! We visited her later last night and she said that she had a positive experience and enjoyed Sister Spencer's talk on the first article of faith. We really want to help her investigate the church, but it may be bad timing since finals are coming up.

So we were also at that apartment last Monday for dinner... I've got to say I felt so absolutely white. Our ward mission leader served his mission in Mexico, so he's got it all down. And then Sister Spencer is from Yuma, AZ where almost everyone is Hispanic. And I don't know any Spanish. 

But when we were there for dinner, they made EVERYTHING from scratch. The salsa, the sauces, the rice, the beans, enchiladas... mmmmhm SO GOOD! We are going to have another dinner with the same group plus a few others tonight. SCORE :)

I had a request to tell more about my companion, Sister Spencer. Well, I already said she's from Yuma. (Yuma's 20 min from Mexico BTW). She was a dental assistant before coming on her mission. She's 23 and lived in Provo for 3 years. She went to college in eastern Arizona. 

SHE LOVES THE BEATLES!! So naturally we get along. And she loves Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. 

She's been absolutely great for me. She is really good about asking for advice and help when I normally would just tough it out. She does, however, have the sense of humor that just goes completely over my head. So she'll be laughing her head off about something and I'll be sitting there confused. It's great, I love it! haha

I also had a request to hear more about the office. 
Our office is shared with a senior couple, the Shepherds. 
Next door is the assistants' office, which BTW there are 3 of them. They're all very aware that I worked at NASA and it gets brought up frequently.
The assistants are so great, I love working with them. 

President, the assistants, and Sister Mecham will frequently give us projects. 
The latest ones were sending out a Exchange Report for ZL/STL/DL to fill out after they go on an exchange.

The most recent is working with phone reports. It's all in Excel. Basically we're trying to organize a phone report that is very easily readable. It's quite fun. I'm surprised how much I know about Excel compared to everyone else.

We're also keeping track of monitoring Facebook accounts- but I haven't done much with it. There are a couple other reports that we are helping out with... but I don't really want to get into them. 

The most fun part is that there are some service missionaries (both in our YSA ward) that are developing a data base to keep track of weekly reports on numbers for every area. It's so cool!! I think they were surprised by the questions I kept asking because finally they asked me if I had any programming experience. If I had the time, I would ask if I could work on that database. But admittedly, it's in C#, not C or C++, so I wouldn't quite understand all of it.

Hmm the only other news is that I got sick this week. Pretty sure it was food poisoning. Don't buy asparagus at Wal-Mart. I was up for a good part of Thursday night while my body was ridding itself of toxins. The worst part was just not eating. I love food and I love eating, so avoiding food was really inconvenient. 

There was a 5 hour training meeting though Friday morning, and I was just absolutely starving. Sister Mecham overheard me and ran across the street to grab me some saltine crackers and Tums. She is absolutely the best, I was so grateful. I just ate those cracker for the day and then at night Sister Spencer got me some frozen yogurt. It's actually quite nice for an upset stomach! (It was Cherry Berry, dad, in case you were wondering). Soo good. 

Moral of this story: the Montana Billings Mission is awesome. Everyone's so loving and looks out for each other. I'm blessed to be serving in this mission, and especially in the office and the YSA ward. Billings is great! And I love love love the office- I am going to be so sad when I have to leave.

Anyways, we're going to be social for once and join the zone at the stake center for volleyball or something like that. We've gotten calls from the assistants every week asking where we're at...

Sister Griffin

(at the end of every missionary phone call, we say "love you bye". It's something the previous mission president started because our mission is supposed to be a loving mission. Which it is. )

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