Monday, November 25, 2013

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22...

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards and packages :)

Everyone should spend their birthdays in the mission field.
Because as a missionary, your whole focus is on other people.
And so when it's your birthday, you appreciate more what others do for you because you don't really expect it. 

So here's here's a brief run down of my birthday:

Woke up to Sister Spencer wishing me a happy birthday FIRST thing. This is a big deal. Sister Spencer does NOT talk in the mornings. At all. I'm lucky to hear from her before companion study at 9. 

At 6:45 received a voicemail from my zone leaders, singing happy birthday to me. They don't sing very well, but it was appreciated. 

Then as soon as we make it to the office, I am greeted by all of the senior missionaries and other sisters with a chocolate birthday cake! Sister Mecham even had candles for me to blow out and ice cream to go with it :)

                                                                   Sister Spencer & Sister Griffin with Birthday Cake

Dinner was at our bishop's, who is awesome. 

Then I received another happy birthday phone call of singing elders.

Then we grabbed a recently activated member and a recent convert who's filling out papers for his mission and went and visited a less-active. It was a realllly good lesson, and the experience was great for everyone. :) :)

Then Sister Spencer and I had justtt enough time to get ice cream cupcakes at Dairy Queen (it's tradition to have a DQ birthday cake!!) and jam out to MoTab's "Come Thou Fount" on the drive home. 

                                                              DQ Icecream Cake is a Family Tradition!!

Beautiful, beautiful day. 
Have I mentioned yet that it was the best birthday ever?

But! What was also great was that I started my celebration a day early. The assistants had to go on exchanges on my birthday, so we had a mini party in the office with them the day before. There's a story to this. 

Our first day in the office, the assistants told us that they liked to have treats in the office and they expected us to provide. They were of course kidding, but I love baking so I told them that if they provided me with some of the ingredients, I would make no-bakes. 

A few days later, a sister was getting emergency-transferred out (commonplace in our mission) and that she was going to leave us with her bacon. 

Somewhere Sister Spencer and I got the brilliant idea of having a bacon-no-bake "party". So on Thursday the assistants cooked the bacon and we brought no-bakes :)

("party" at the office = food for all to eat while working)

                                                                        Bacon-no-bake Party

Change of subject flag!

I met the president of the Billings East stake the other day. Get ready for his name: Spencer Griffin. Needless to say, Sister Spencer and I found that HILARIOUS :)

Also, his family is from Cache Valley. Clarkston, or something like that? Anyone want to check up on how many generations back before we are related??

That's about it, I'll send pictures later!!!

Love, Sister Griffin

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