Monday, November 11, 2013

Preaching from the rooftops...

                                                                            One last pic from Havre...

Well this week has been full of fun office projects and service projects :)

Let me tell you about last Friday.

We're still trying to get to know the area and the ward members. So we decided to visit a recent convert. She's not there when we show up though, but her roommate starts talking to us. The roommate wanted to know if we would talk to her about religion.

So we go in and start talking with the roommate. She keeps asking questions, we keep answering them, and whip out the Book of Mormon to share Alma 7:11-13 (which I now have memorized BTW, woot)

Just as we start reading, two random friends show up. (Yes this is student housing, so no suprise friends are walking in) The roommate tells them to sit down and join us talking about religion and then tells us to proceed in sharing the scripture. 

Ultimately we end up teaching most of the Restoration. The recent convert that is actually a member showed up towards the end.

They kept asking us tons of questions. We're going back on Tuesday for dinner and hopefully a lesson. (We're hoping there's time, but we do have another appointment exactly an hour later) Anyways, they're all Hispanic and they will be making us enchiladas... I'm pretty excited.

Since we weren't planning on teaching a lesson, we were running late for our service project of helping to clean the temple! The Billings temple is closed for two weeks for cleaning, and missionaries are allowed to volunteer.

I helped clean the fake plants (you don't realize how many fake plants there are in the temple until you have to clean them) annndddd the chandelier in the bride's room. I got to stand up on a ladder and carefully reassemble the crystal after it had be cleaned :) It's a very pretty bridal room, in case you were wondering.

Now temple workers love missionaries. 
So they invited us to check out the oxen in the baptismal font. 
That was pretty cool.

But not as cool as the next thing they invited us to do.
Which was to go onto the ROOF of the temple.
Wait, I mean roofs since there are two different levels. 

I've never been so close to Angel Moroni in my life.
It was pretty awesome.
And it was cool to overlook Billings from holy ground.
Pictures shall be enclosed.

                                                            Sister Griffin & Sister Spencer on the Temple roof top

The next day we did even more service by helping a couple paint the interior of their house so they could sell it. And they provided pizza. Yum:)

It's so very different being in Billings because there are actually other missionaries around to talk to, instead of being in Havre.

Anyways, everyone go should read the lyrics to "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" and appreciate the progression in the three verses. (I'll make it easy on you, it's #270). The first verse speaks of going, the second of speaking, and the third of being. This is my favorite hymn, because it really discusses the steps of becoming humble and learning how to "[trust] [your] all to [His] loving care". Trusting in the Lord is difficult, but as we decide to go where we're needed, and say what we're prompted to say, someday we will be able to trust our all in Heavenly Father.

Sister Griffin

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