Monday, December 16, 2013

Butte-iful Butte!!

Before arriving in Butte, I had heard very few positive things about the place.
I had heard it was ugly, that the strip mine was so unsightly, the town was rough, and falling in, sketchy, etc..

Well, I must say that I completely disagree!
Butte somewhat reminds me of Logan. Maybe it's just because there's only one main street and everything is off of that street. And while I know Logan is probably twice the size, they have the same small-town comfortable feeling. Not too big, not too small.

There are also mountains! The biggest mountains are also to the east (hmm sounds like Logan). The view out of my bedroom is beautiful!! but anyways, I will just take you through my week..

Monday and Tuesday were spent primarily saying goodbye to those that I had been teaching in Butte. Bishop took us out to dinner Tuesday night, we visited my favorite Mexicans on Tuesday, and also got to teach our investigator who will be baptized on Dec 28. It was sad having to say goodbye to all of them and also all of the missionaries in Billings. And all of the senior couple missionaries.

Wednesday we had to be at the mission home at 6 AM. We drove to Helena in a minivan, and then I got to drive to Butte from Helena! The drive was gorgeous- the canyon was so beautiful. I almost wish that I had only been a passenger though so I could check out the mountains more (ya know, for potential rock climbing) But I must say, driving through that twisty canyon was fun :)

I already have Butte's main roads down. I can already figure my way around Butte better than my companion- mountains and hills help.

A good part of Butte is up on these foothills- it's kind of fun! And the houses in that area were built during the mining days, so they are all tall and skinny... awesome architecture! I love it! On the hills is called "Uptown". 
Apparently Butte has an incredible number of bars, but I haven't noticed.. Butte also apparently has an incredible number of Irish, so we've been adequately warned to not be in Uptown on St. Patrick's day.

So I do live with members, but our living area is very separated from the members, and so we don't see them much. I love our "apartment" - it's nice and roomy - with one exception- it doesn't have a real oven/stove. We just have a toaster oven and these hot plate things. But we'll make do. Sister Pickering has already baked us some cookies in the toaster oven.

So about Sister Pickering! She reported to the MTC at the same time that I did- so we're both just 3 months out. I did know her before a bit. She's from Provo, Utah. She's also 22, but she'll be 23 soon. She's not shy, and so she talks quite a bit, which is nice. She also has only 2 older brothers. Anyways, I see us getting along really well :)

Now about the members and investigators!....I haven't met too many yet haha that's what happens when you've only been in your area for less than a week. 

We do have an adorable 10 year old girl on date. She'll be baptized on January 4th. According to her nonmember stepdad, she's more excited to be baptized than for Christmas! Her mom has been inactive, but she has started coming now that her daughter is so excited to be baptized. The mom says she got out of the habit since her divorce. We had dinner with the girl's grandma last night though, and her grandma is very active and will make sure that her granddaughter always can come to church.

There are 4 other investigators on date, but none of them will come to church!! Any advice on how to help motivate people would be appreciated... I obviously wasn't here when they got put on date, and so I don't quite understand where each of them is at. So I suppose I can try to figure out what made them want to be baptized and help them understand why church attendance is so important... because you won't be ready for the covenant of baptism until you can keep the commitment to come to church... There's a quote coming to my mind- it's in PMG- something about true doctrine understood is the best way to change behavior.

According to Sister Pickering, everyone in Butte is lazy. But shh, don't tell them she said that haha

On Sunday, I gave my third talk since being on my mission. It was on Christmas & missionary work... I'm afraid most of the members didn't like my talk because I was essentially calling them to action... I also had to speak for about 20 minutes because the youth speaker only went for 3 minutes and Sister Pickering only went for about 7.

I believe that sums everything up...

Sister Griffin

PS. Butte is awesome.

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