Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!!

GO AGGIES!!! I hope the Aggies go to a bowl game when I get back - because then I will MAKE SURE I am at the game. It seems wrong to not go to at least one bowl game when you have the chance..

So question about "Amish Mormons" -- do they still keep the Amish culture? Like dressing, farming, etc? Because otherwise to me they'd be Mormons who live in Amish Country who recently converted, ya know? Just curious. I do remember you saying that they were somewhat persecuted for joining the church..

Here's how I spent the rest of my Christmas after skyping y'all:
- Our lunch with our investigator cancelled because she had strep throat. Pretty good reason to cancel. So we made our own lunch.
(Sorry if it's annoying that I start off so many sentences with 'so' - I've realized that I do that frequently. I'm assuming that would probably only annoy Dad and Katie though.)

- Christmas "dinner" at 2 with the black family we are teaching. Made me laugh though- it was essentially a Thanksgiving dinner. All very delicious though. But the mom served up our plates, and struggle a bit with money, and so I knew I was expected to eat all of it... I almost died, but I got it all down.

Side note - the dad and two kids came to our ward's potluck yesterday! So they were in the church on Sunday!...just at the wrong time for sacrament meeting haha but hey, baby steps. But the other ward was having a baptism for an 8 year old, so we kind of dragged them to watch that... :)

Back to Christmas.

- Our next dinner was at 6 with 4 different families from the ward. They put the 12 kids in attendance down in the basement, the rest of us stayed upstairs. And guess what we had for dinner?? CRAB!! Oh my goodness, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I was convinced that EVERYONE in Montana hated seafood, missionaries included... I don't even like crab that much compared to other fruit di mare, but it was so nice to have seafood :) Which, I just realized, is ironic since I used to dislike seafood.

So that's about it for Christmas.
Christmas eve we had a district meeting, which felt kind of odd. But we learned there that Christ's life and the points of the Restoration. Being a missionary, I thought it was awesome, but no one else we shared it with got quite as excited as we did... one elder in my district even exclaimed, "I knew Christ taught in parables, but I never thought his LIFE was a parable!"

                                                           Sis. Griffin, Sis. Pickering, Sis. Aller & the APs

If you want me to share how Christ's life and the Restoration tie together, let me know and I can type it out. Or you can figure it out yourself! Dun dun dunnnnnnn

Guess what! Baptism this Saturday! I'm excited. But I know Alexus (girl getting baptized) is more excited. I think I shared that she is more excited to be baptized than she was about Christmas.

We are hoping that as the holidays wind down, we will be able to find more people at home and willing to make time for us to teach them. We have several referrals exhibiting potential, but most of them we have to wait until they'll be around to contact... In the mean time we are trying to reach less actives and help them feel the Spirit.

I feel like this is super short, but I suppose I talked to you this week and so you'll forgive me haha

Make some good new year resolutions!...that you can actually keep! haha We're going to be making some as a companionship soon! But I'm a big fan of making resolutions for every day. Because every day is a fresh start to change something for the better, where you can leave the faults of yesterday behind.

Drink some sparkling grape juice for me!
And say hi to Ginger, Strider, Junior, and Fitzwilliam!


(Mom, dad, are you both going to be super lame and go to bed at 9 or 10? I bet you are. *head shakes* WE even have permission to be out till 10:30!)

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