Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas :)

FIRST, a very large THANK YOU to everyone who has been thinking of me this Christmas season :) It's so nice to hear from friends & family :)

                                                                              Sister Pickering & Sister Griffin

So this week was rather full.

We taught 23 lessons this week! Most of them were with less-actives.
Our sweet 10 yo was interviewed on Friday, so she is set to be baptized on January 4th!

On Thursday we drove up to Helena for our Christmas zone conference. I was the driver... Let's just say there was a lot of snow on the freeway. But we made it there and back safely :) You get special blessings of safety as a missionary.

The conference was awesome. President Mecham has a knack of addressing everyone's needs and questions. I, for instance, wanted to know what had allowed him to be so successful in business- going from a farm in Idaho to heading a major business. And he discussed the values and principles he follows for success. He didn't talk about his business, though, but about a junior league softball team with little natural talent that he coached into being undefeated. He focused on the essentials- making sure all fundamentals were down- and for batting practice, the kids had to hit pea gravel with the broken-off handle of a shovel. So that's why he focuses so much on being obedient and all of the small things. 

Also, I don't know what the baptizing rate was before President Mecham came... But since being here, the Montana Billings Mission is now the highest baptizing mission in the North America Central region. (I can't remember if I shared that with you or not). 
There were many musical numbers at the conference as well- and I got to play the flute in two different pieces! Both cases were obbligatos that I sight-read during the lunch break and then performed. The flute came from a sister in Kalispell who didn't realize that we weren't supposed to bring instruments haha Sister Mecham was the one who arranged for me to borrow the flute :)

                                                                                   Butte Zone Conference

The oddest part, though, was the assistants dressing up as Santa, an elf, and a Christmas present... haha it was nice to see them though since I had gotten used to seeing them almost every day in Billings.

So that's enough on the conference.

We had investigators at church!...but none of them were the ones that we have on date. Oh, the irony. We have had many referrals come in, but most of them we will have to wait until after the holiday season to contact. Or they were in the elder's area. *head shakes* 

Oh! I almost forgot!
So our finding game plan has been to use our iPads to find all the members on the roles in one area, and then knock on all of those doors. This has been really fun because either we get a chance to teach less-actives and help them, or we find out that the person has moved and we try to see if the new person is interested. *(This is how we found the Catholic family that works at NASA, dad)*

At one of them though, a 26 year old answered and invited us in. (We were expecting a mid-aged lady) He then told us that he wanted us to meet his little 11 yo sister. The person on our roles was their mother, whom we didn't meet. All they knew of the Mormon church was that we visited every year and always brought food. We asked if they wanted to learn more. The older brother said he definitely did, and the little sister said she would be willing to learn more as well. We are returning in a week after the sister comes back from visiting in Missoula. 

We see much potential there...we are praying this will be the case :)

By the way, there are TONS of Irish Catholics in Butte. And they are all super nice!
And we've met most of them via this iPad finding method...That or knocking on any door with a Nativity scene outside, haha or sometimes we've knocked on doors of member's neighbors. 
But that's pretty besides the point.

I think I'm out of time, or I'd share more about some of the people.
But Merry CHRISTmas!!

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