Monday, December 9, 2013

On the road again...

Don't mind me, I'm just taking a tour of Montana....missionary style!

Third transfer. 
Third area. 
Third companion. 

And I am going to Butte! Butte 2nd ward to be specific.
My new companion will be Sister Pickering. She wasn't in my MTC district, but she did come out with me. So I definitely know who she is. Apparently I will be senior companion, so I will get to drive! Which means I won't get to navigate. But it also means I won't be in charge of the phone! Hallelujah. I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten the phone... 

Please, someone tell me that Butte is warmer than Billings! The weather was SO unbelievably cold! I never thought that 0 degrees could feel so blissfully warm. Seriously, subzero temperatures for the HIGH??? Gah. But I actually stayed warm perfectly well, my coat and layers definitely did their job. That and I was either in a building or in the car. And everyone in Billings seems to believe in keeping their houses ridiculously warm.

Oh, and don't get me started on the roads here in Billings! No one in Montana believes in clearing the snow off of the roads. They do plow - a little bit. Just to get off the top 8 inches. The other 2 inches they leave on the road. For weeks! Hah and when they do plow, they use a tractor!! Cracked me up. Oh, Montana. 

In other news, because this week marked the end of the transfer, we had the opportunity to go to the temple on Friday! Nothing beats being in the temple and feeling of that spirit and peace.

Even though I'm getting transferred, I suppose I can fill you in on some of the things going on in the Rimrock ward.

About 70 people show up each week for sacrament.
The ward is HIGHLY transient.
It's not awkward like the singles ward in Akron. (Though I've decided since serving here that I really should be going to the singles ward back home. So don't count on me to help out in the Wadsworth ward.)
There are around 900 less actives in the ward, because the ward covers both the Billings and Billings East stakes. 
Most of our work has been with strengthening the ward. 

By the time we work in the office, do studying, do training, and eat, there aren't too many hours left in the day for proselyting. Also, in an interest to strengthen the ward, we have been attending the lesson part of FHE, Institute once a week, and ward splits on Wednesday nights. Most of the time we just work from referrals, visiting those whose names we are given. Since there are 900 less actives, we never run out of people to visit.

About our investigator. He's going to both MSU-Billings and Rocky Mountain College. Insane! I believe he wants to study something medical. I know he has part in the army. He has grown up religious, but found a special spirit in both his Mormon friend's home and at the activities and meetings. He is getting flak back home about looking into Mormonism, but he said that just strengthened his resolve to learn more about Mormonism. He's on date to get baptized at the end of the month. 

So on Wednesday, I'm off to Butte!
I am very sad to be leaving the office - but I also knew I was leaving. Last week, I mentioned transfers in almost every letter/email I sent because it was weighing heavily on my mind and I felt like I was getting transferred. And then on Saturday, the spirit was prompting me so strongly that I KNEW without a doubt that I was leaving. Tender mercies:)


I just got out of an interview with President Mecham.
I now know why he's sending me to Butte.

He said he needs my leadership and determination there. And the fact that I was adjusted to being a missionary before I even came out. Which is true- I've never felt homesick or really struggled. He wants me to have more experience teaching and baptizing and leading. He kept saying "I need more leadership out of you". Most of the leadership will be helping my new companion, apparently she's struggling. There's a lot that he expects out of me. And he's confident that I can manage it.

So now we both know why!
President said he didn't want me to feel like I was a failure of any sort because I just kept getting transferred everywhere. And he said that he only made up his mind within the last 4 days. Which fits within the timing of me knowing I was leaving on Saturday...

Sister Griffin

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