Monday, December 2, 2013

Weren't you going to go and brush your teeth?

Explaining the subject line:

Sometimes I break out randomly into song. 
Which isn't pretty because I lack a sense of pitch.
And I also like to sing about peanuts on railroad tracks and cows getting murdered for hamburgers.
I was singing for a good 5 minutes when Sister Spencer politely asks me, "weren't you going to go brush your teeth?"
I was confused... it was nighttime but I hadn't said a word about brushing my teeth.
Then it clicked.
And I burst out laughing.
Because I'm pretty sure that's what Greg or Peter might say to get me to shut up and stop singing about ridiculous things. 

End of funny story.
Or at least I thought it was funny.

                                                                         Sis. Griffin & Sis. Spencer

We actually had 3 appointments. One lunch, one dinner, and one dessert. It worked out quite, quite well.
The lunch was with an active member's family. They have cats. My allergic reaction was so bad I was still clearing out my lungs the next day. Maybe I should remember to take my allergy medicine...
Dinner was with our favorite Mexican investigators (the only traditional food was mashed potatoes and pie... love it! haha they made good spinach artichoke dip)
And dessert was at our Bishop's

The food was so good!!.....but Mom, I miss your potato rolls. Nothing tops those rolls. Mail some, maybe? haha

So guess what???
We have an investigator committed to baptism!
But he's not on date yet.. but we're planning on fixing that tonight.
He's really good friends with our ward mission leader.
He just really love the spirit felt at church and activities, so.... yeah! :)

Other random news.
Transfers are next week. One of the assistants is going home! So sad! He's the one closest in the picture of our Bacon-no-Bake party. He's holding the bacon. We're going to miss him so much!! But speaking of transfers, I'm paranoid that I'll get transferred again. Which would make me so sad because I love being here! The office is so fabulous! And we have someone wanting to get baptized! But I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord...

We had an EIGHT HOUR zone training on Wednesday. EIGHT hours!! That is long. But I learned a lot about myself and my purpose here and how I love teaching. So it was good. But EIGHT hours. I don't ever want to hear anyone complain again about 3 hours on Sunday. 

Have I mentioned yet the "O Remember, Remember" mormon message? I can't remember.... But watch it, and do it! Ponder each night how the Lord has blessed you. Because there is something for you every night. I promise. 

I feel like this is really short...but I just don't have much else to say. Hopefully I won't freeze to death. Skirts are really cold to be wearing 24/7 in case you were wondering. Or I guess it's more like 16/7 since I don't wear a skirt to bed.

Um love you all!! Good luck to those in school, finish out strong!!


(Sister Spencer LOVES Harry Potter....and Les Mis. And the Beatles. She's got good taste.)

                                                                                                    The Rims


The rims were so much fun!
And--- and and and--- I FOUND BOLTS!!!!!!
You can bet that I will be climbing here when I return from my mission!!!
And another sister in my zone rock climbs. And she's awesome at it. We already have plans to climb together when we get home... :) And she does yoga. Anyways.  

Sister Griffin

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