Monday, January 13, 2014

look what I found...!!

There are two long tables in our apartment that have been with the Butte missionaries for quite some time. Every missionary who serves here in Butte signs these tables. Think of it as spiritual graffiti on these tables. Anyways, I thought I had remembered Ward serving in Butte, so I decided to finally moved around the stuff on the table, and lo and behold, I found his signature underneath the toaster oven! #GoWadsworthWard

The other picture is of some random houses in Uptown. Our car is actually in the picture- the nice silver Ford Fusion. (Or at least I think it's a Fusion). We like to refer to our car as the "Lord's Ford" -- referring to Nacho Libre's declaration "these are the Lord's Chips". #MissionaryHumor

I think it's hilarious that Ohio was colder than Montana... ya know, your cold temps didn't even touch Montana's cold temps. Just sayin ;)

So in addition to finding Ward's name, we also found new investigators!....actually, let's be honest - they found us. We got a phone call last Sunday from a less-active couple who hadn't been to church in 12 years. In their message, they told us that their son was going to be joining the service and that he wanted to be baptized before leaving. 

We met with them Tuesday at the church and put the son on date for February 8th. His niece and nephew were there as well, but they didn't really seem interested. Actually, the niece was a little we assumed she wasn't interested. Anyways, we gave the son a Book of Mormon, and he's been reading and praying.

On Sunday both parents, son, and niece came to church. Everyone seemed to have a good experience - the mom kept saying how nice it was to be in church and to be refreshed on the gospel. The son apparently was doing a great job of answering questions about the scriptures and the Holy Ghost in Sunday School (we sent him to be with the kids his age). But the niece seemed to enjoy it the most - she kept telling us about all the new things she had learned. Best part was that her primary lesson was on the Plan of Salvation -- which was exactly the lesson we were on! So we actually asked her a few questions to help teach the lesson after church.

This family really seems ready to come back to church. They said in the past, they just go to church when things are hard, that they always put other things first. But they seem ready now to come back to church. We're going to discuss with the bishop and see if maybe the dad could baptize the son and niece... there are quite a few unknowns with that plan, though, but it'd be beautiful if it could work out.

Another thing I've found is another Native American to teach! I missed all of the Native Americans from the reservation in Havre... Anyways, the daughter was actually a media referral from Salt Lake. We had given the daughter a Book of Mormon, but we haven't been able to teach her for the whole transfer. Anyways, we met her mom when we dropped off cookies on Christmas. The other night we stopped by again, and the mom invited us in, and started speaking with us, saying that we could teach her, and that she had "the Mormon book". She told us some of her struggles and started crying, which perplexed her since she said "I never open up, I don't know why I opened up". 

I apologize for whoever was annoyed by the hashtags. Sister Spencer loved hashtagging everything, and so I got in the habit of thinking in hashtags. 

That's about it, I think... I did receive a letter from President saying he was happy with the work we were doing in the area, so that was a nice reassurance that we're doing okay here.

I feel like I've grown so much, especially in confidence, since being here in Butte. And so while I wasn't happy to leave the office, I'm extremely grateful to have been transferred here. The Lord always knows what he's doing, you just have to trust in him. 

Transfers are next week... we'll see if I get sent off again haha I don't have any spectacular impressions this time. But either way - stay or go- it'll be where I'm needed AND also what I need too. This reminds me (again) of "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" - the song I was singing in sacrament meeting when I made the decision and knew that I needed to go on a mission.

Love ya all!

Sister Griffin

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