Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunny Butte... :)


Yeah it's been sunny and 45 degrees in Butte... :) sorry Ohio has been a bit nippier. Just think of it this way- you're suffering so I don't have to!! kiddinggg....  ;)

This week was relatively quiet compared to last week. Well, any week would be quiet compared to last week. So we didn't get 41 lessons, but we did get 28, which beats our norm by about 5 lessons. 

We had two investigators at church yesterday!

Honestly, getting investigators to church has been the HARDEST thing so far. 
Agency is for everyone, except my investigators.
Just kidding.
Actually, I'm more miffed by the parents who won't let us teach their kids. We have at least 3 kids that are 9-12 who would be learning and getting baptized if their parents weren't in the way.
So agency and parents aren't cool.

But don't worry, I do love agency and parents. Family's most important and also coming nearer to Christ wouldn't mean anything unless they chose it. One day those kids will get their chance and people will be ready to chose that which matters most. (2 Nephi 9:50-51. I've been sharing this scripture a lot this week)

So those at church were our 17 year old and his parents. YAY!

And our older gentleman who doesn't believe in Christ as his Savior was also at church. He was given a ride by a convert of about 1 year who is around his age and also very kind and welcoming. The convert also spoke and sang in church, which was awesome. And the two other speakers were a young couple that did a FABULOUS job. Two of the speakers spoke for the first time, and two of the speakers were recent converts. Honestly, one of my favorite sacrament meetings since being here on my mission.

Anyways, somehow we got dragged into helping with Primary, and so we didn't get to see how our investigators did in Sunday School. I was pretty unhappy about that, but some of that unhappiness may also deal with the fact that I don't like children.... just kidding. Kind of. Sister Pickering LOVES children. And LOVES Provo. So sometimes we don't agree. But despite our differences, we get along pretty well. There are just some taboo topics ;)
OH and she LOVES cities. BIG cities. I would SO stay in the hills of Montana forever and learn to be self-sufficient. 

Mission bucket list: pet a buffalo, meet a mountain-man, hike to a ridgeline, go to Glacier National Park.

I'm getting off topic.

I'll tell you more about our older gentleman investigator person.
We learned that he was an orphan. He lost his wife and only 2 kids in a plane crash in 2000. He served in the army and lived on a homestead in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. Way up north. He believes so strongly in the values needed to live a good life and be a good person. (That's what he admires most about the church)

He doesn't believe in an afterlife and as I've said before, he doesn't believe in Christ as his Savior. His beliefs in the Bible are also a little odd.

But he is reading the Book of Mormon. And he wants to go to church.
But he won't pray to God to know if the Book of Mormon is true because he's afraid of what he calls the "Jim Jones effect". He doesn't want to believe in something so bad that he convinces himself that it's true.
Our member present last week did a really good job of explaining the Spirit and also sharing that ultimately it does come down to ASKING. You have to ask in order to get an answer. 
We have weekly lessons with this man every Tuesday night, so we'll see how this Tuesday goes.
But ward members were really good about greeting him it seemed. I wouldn't know though, I was in Primary... grr.. haha just kidding.

There's actually one other older gentleman that we are teaching. He has some SERIOUS health issues and was told that he only had 1-3 years to live. He also told us that if he got the flu, he would most likely die. 
Guess what?
He has the flu.
Prayers needed.
He needs to be baptized before he dies.
Problem is that he doesn't understand authority yet, so he doesn't want/understand why he'd need to be baptized again.

That's all the craziness I have for you in Butte, Montana. 
Honestly, this is the greatest town ever.

And I'm going to learn how to cook a Butte icon food called a pasty for all y'all. I would feel like I was a failure if I didn't learn how to cook something from my mission after Peter & Greg always cooking us mission deliciousness.

Speaking of, Peter, you still owe me some homemade tortillas and baliadas, or however you spell it. And fried plantains. Hopefully you'll have more of a life by the time I get home. 

Hope it warms up for you!
Sister Griffin


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