Monday, February 10, 2014


For being a preparation day, today has been pretty hectic and crazy!

We found out Friday afternoon that Sister Pickering was getting transferred. They told us that she would be transferred Saturday morning, but that presented a problem since we had a baptism scheduled then. So they decided to postpone transfers until today, which means preparation day hasn't been as relaxing or productive as normal. 

To add to the insanity, because a transfer van was being driven from Billings to Butte anyways, today was the day that all of our furniture, beds, cooking stuff, etc. arrived for our new apartment. So not only is today transfer day, but it is also moving day! So tonight will be the first night in our new apartment. 

So my new companion is Sister Breaux. I've only known her for ehhh 4 hours, so it's hard to say too much about her haha But she seems awesome. She is from Alpine, Utah. She's been out for 9 months and she's going to be a sister training leader here in Butte! I'm way excited. Not going to lie, Sister Pickering was a little bit of a struggle in some areas.. we just never clicked.

I should tell you about the baptism! Cody got baptized on Saturday! There was a HUGE turnout, most of which was his family. His family is primarily less-active or non-members. I tried to talk with everyone there. Not too many people were interested, but hey, may open some doors.

This week was pretty cold. But since I've already had a week of subzero temperatures, this week wasn't as shocking or intimidating. The only thing I'm struggling to keep warm is my toes. Everything else is toasty warm! So thanks for all warm clothes sent my way.

I'm trying to think what else... today and the weekend have been so crazy, that most other things are blocked from my mind. There is this less-active that we have recently been working with... I can't remember if I've told you about him yet or not. But he's in his 30s. He's an RM, but a lot has happened since then with being in the army and working in the oil riggs, etc.. He is searching right now to find answers and to develop his faith and make changes in his life. Pretty sure I told you about him already. Anyways, he came to the baptism AND he came to church. But he's off to the oil riggs for the next two weeks.

I apologize this is so short, but there is so much that needs to be done still and people are waiting for the computers. Plus I got so many emails this week, thanks for everyone remembering me! haha 

Anyways, love ya!
Sister Griffin

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