Monday, February 24, 2014

time flies!!!

So I realize I have not been out very long.. BUT this next transfer marks my first 6 months AND I've spent half of my mission in Butte! I like Butte. I like Butte a lot. If I get to stay here this transfer, I'll be here for St. Patrick's Day! AKA we'll be on lockdown inside because apparently people travel all over to come to Butte to celebrate St. Patrick's Day AKA get really drunk. 

Hey, so, hastening the work is the big thing now, right? Missionaries and members working together, right? Honestly the biggest thing, at least in Butte, would be simply inviting people into your home! It could be for dinner, for dinner & a lesson, or just for games & dessert, or just games, whatever. But if a couple/family came up and asked "are there any families or individuals we can invite over for dinner?" I would be so ecstatic! Just throwing that out there.

I feel as though you already got half of this week's news because we emailed so late last week!

                                                                 Sis. Griffin & Sis. Breaux's Valentine's Day Treat

But! We had an AWESOME lesson with a less-active couple this week. They are in their early/mid twenties, no kids. She's a convert, he has active parents. They haven't been to church regularly for a long time, and it's all on him. She would come if he would, and she doesn't want to go alone. I've been teaching this couple for as long as I've been here, and I know they have been taught for longer than that.

Anyways, we go over and start teaching about "real intent" and a "sincere heart". He tells us he stopped going to church because he felt he was taking advantage of the sacrament and didn't feel worthy to go. We let him know that Heavenly Father would NEVER tell him not to go to church, only Satan would make him feel like he wasn't worthy. We testified to him of the blessings that Heavenly Father is just WAITING to pour down on them (starting with getting sealed in the temple), they just need to step up and claim them. The spirit was so strong, and he was getting emotional. Towards the end, Sister Breaux asked him what he was feeling and thinking when he was crying. He told us of his grandpa, who had died 4 years earlier. He said that when we come over and teach&testify, he can sometimes feel his grandpa there, encouraging him to take action now and be worthy to join him. As he shared this, Sister Breaux and I could feel his grandfather there, and we could feel his love for his grandson. We know it's time for this couple to begin their journey to the temple and to take action. It's so crazy but so true that our relatives on the other side of the veil really are here among us. 

                                                               Sis. Griffin, Sis. Breaux & the Dillon Sisters

We also met with our investigator that doesn't believe in Christ. We actually had planned to drop him. We prayed about it, role-played the lesson, and decided that he didn't have the real intent or sincerity. But lessons with him never go as planned. We left the lesson though having committed him to read from the Book of Mormon every day, to pray, and to come to church every week. He was in church this week.

Speaking of church, we also had a potential investigator at church today - the stepdad of the 10 year old girl we baptized back in January. He is warming up to the family's home teachers and even accepted the home teacher's invitation to read the Book of Mormon. We're respecting the wife's lead right now - she doesn't want to overwhelm him and push him away. But we are having dinner at their house in a couple weeks.

My typing is really struggling today, sorry if there are tons of typos or just plain incorrect words.

That's all I've got for you today, though. I'll try to resend those pictures.


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