Monday, March 10, 2014

getting ready for green...

It's snowing. Again. 
I'm not sure how I feel about that.
You see, I have this vision of hiking to Lady of the Rockies on a preparation day. But every time it snows, that hike has to be postponed. Guess I'll just have to stay in Butte until July! That mountain is getting hiked.

ST PATTY'S DAY IS NEXT MONDAY!! Apparently there's a parade down Montana St... We're very tempted, but we'll also have to see if the zone leaders will let us. They want us on lock down all day.

So this transfer brought Butte a new set of elders. I think I told you how the Whitehall sisters were going to cover Butte part-time? Well, those sisters want to cover Whitehall full-time. President okay-ed it, and decided to send a set of elders to Butte full-time. They do not have a car, however. They live on a border between the two wards, so they have a walkable area that covers both wards. None of our investigators live in that area, so we didn't have to really give anyone up. The only ones we are teaching are less-active single sisters, so we'll probably just keep them because that'd be a challenge logistically for the elders, anyways.

I think we should have a family vacation to Montana sometime. And I'll have to show y'all Butte. There are mansions, mountains, hiking, outdoor stuff, history, a bike shop for Dad, cool architecture, good food places (OH MY GOODNESS, Park&Main cafe is delicious. SO good. So is Hummingbird Cafe and Leopard Cafe. Hah apparently there are a lot of cafe's in Butte)

This week we helped our black investigator family move. The house they were renting didn't pass inspection, and then the owners wanted to sell it, etc etc. Originally they were going to move to Helena, but in the end they moved only a couple streets down. SO WE GET TO KEEP TEACHING THEM!!

Anyways, all of their friends bailed on them, and they didn't give us enough notice to get the ward's help, so us and the elders ended up helping them move the majority of their house. Let's just say getting all of my college stuff from Logan to Brigham City in Fitzwilliam gave me valuable resources in helping this family move. AND playing tetris. See, I only thought I was wasting time while playing tetris at school.... in reality I was preparing to help move people on my mission. 

Just kidding. 
But seriously, that family was SO grateful. Hopefully they'll be able to settle in soon so we can come teach them the lessons. They've already agreed to hear them again, but we just haven't had the chance.

We had another good lesson with our investigator that we put on date! We had dinner & a lesson at a member's house with him. I can see how much he has grown in his faith since we started teaching him, which is so awesome!!

Our young less-active couple are doing good as well. His less-active sister and her non-member fiancee were there when we went for dinner & a lesson. We were not expecting to see the sister or fiancee at all!! But they were fine with us teaching the lesson, and it went pretty well. We'll see if the fiancee will let us teach him the rest of the lessons.

Apparently they are doing church headquarter referrals online now - and so we checked online to see we had 3 referrals, 2 of which we didn't know about. (The other we've been trying to contact for weeks, no answer every time, gahhh) But we were able to contact those two referrals, and both said they would be willing to hear the lessons! Yayy! One seems promising - he is dating a less-active and he said he had questions and really wanted to learn. 

Because this week marked the beginning of the transfer, there were lots of logistic things that had to be handled with the zone leaders and Sister Breaux. One of which was driving to Whitehall again! Beautiful mountain pass, BTW, and I actually got to appreciate it this time because it was light out.
Anyways, this week we are looking forward to teaching many of the new people we have found.

Random side note: I have never before enjoyed Daylight Savings. But as a missionary, it's the best thing ever because then you are finally not out in the dark after dinner. Makes finding addresses easier, people are less likely to go to bed early, etc.. Best thing ever.

That's about it!
There's some guy in a top hat running around the library... pretty entertaining... and lots of old men with really long beards. 

Butte = awesome.


PS For those on spring break, enjoy! Make sure all y'all wear green next Monday! St. Patty's Day is a big deal. In Butte, it's bigger than Christmas! 

Yes, I am exaggerating. But still, this is a mega Butte holiday, and I want you all to celebrate it with me! :) 

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