Monday, March 3, 2014

I am a warrior!!

So I don't really mean anything by that.
We just visited this super sweet less-active woman, and she kept telling us about how her cat is a warrior, her 2 year old is a warrior, her dog is a warrior, her brother is a warrior.....
With all this warrior talk, I decided I was a warrior. I mean, I do yoga. I've got warrior down!

This week, this week...
Some good things this week.

First, our less-active couple CAME TO CHURCH!!!
Oh my, oh my, oh my.
The ward was SO EXCITED to see them! They know they are loved here.
And they felt the spirit, they enjoyed church. Made excellent comments in Sunday School.
So excited for them!!!
We committed them to pick a date for the temple together.  
This couple is so awesome.

Two investigators at church again this week!
One is the stepdad of the 10 year old girl we baptized... and he has agreed to hear the lessons!! We're going by for dinner and the lesson :)

The other is our "I don't believe in Christ" guy.
He's on date for baptism, nbd.
And by that I mean HUGE DEAL!!
He still has quite a ways to go....but I mean, last week we were planning on dropping him because we felt he lacked sincerity. And this week, on date.
We finally brought the right members to the lesson, that really made the difference.
Because he's older, and doesn't exactly want to hear what he needs to do by early 20 year old girls. But when it comes from an olderish couple that understands where he is coming from, he listens!! Both Sister Breaux and I felt it was time to invite him again to baptism.
So he is on date on the 29th... LOTS to do to get him ready, but he really and truly is slowly progressing.

FOR instance, he wouldn't take the sacrament first time he came because he didn't want to do something that he didn't believe in...but this Sunday, he took the sacrament.

Baby steps. Baby steps to March 29th.

                                                        Sis. Griffin, Sis. Breaux & some AMAZINGLY large bunnies!!
We are finding new people to teach as well! We found someone at the same place our "I don't believe in Christ" investigator. We just randomly delayed going to visit someone else, and ran into this man. He said he's had Mormon friends and talked to them about Mormonism and that he'd be willing to talk with us. He gave us his number and we know where he lives.

The other person we met at a less-active's. Her daughter's boyfriend was there. At first he seemed to be avoiding us, but the mom invited him to listen to the scripture. He then told us about how he went to Mormon church with his dad when he was little and that he really enjoyed it. He said he'd listen to the lessons as well. YAY.

BTW. Sister Breaux and I are staying - most of our zone is staying, woot woot! I love Butte and I feel like I will be here quite awhile yet. I'LL BE HERE FOR ST. PATTY'S DAY! Totally getting a picture by the St. Patrick's Catholic church here. ...just probably not ON St. Patty's day, because I value my life :) anndd let's be honest, Sister Breaux probably wouldn't be brave enough. haha jk anywaysss...

Oh, you asked about the weather here.
The weekend was subzero, but not bad. Honestly, I will never think the weather is cold unless it's 20 below during the day.

Don't move here, Dad.
Peter, you might like it. And honestly, Katie might, too.

This weekend we also got tons of snow, I'd guess 1-2 feet. But that's honestly not THAT much compared to the snow belt in Ohio. So I honestly feel as though Montanans are wussy. But maybe part of that is because they don't plow the roads here. But they were all freaking out, saying it's the most snow they've gotten since the 80s. I think it's just an excuse to be hermits and not get out. Just kidding!! Haha don't worry, I love the people in Montana :) I just think it's funny.



Say it. Just everyone say it. Say it so loud I can hear you here in Montana.

But honestly. With Christ, all things are possible!
So everyone is a warrior.

(I promise I'm not losing it)


Sister Griffin

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