Monday, March 31, 2014

I love Butte-ians :)

We've had many discussions among us missionaries about what the proper term is for a native Butte inhabitant. Is it Buttetians, Butteticians, or Butte-shons. The elders like Butte-shons better because it sounds like "aliens". Sister Breaux and I like Buttetians because it sounds like those who live here are beautiful!! And I love Butte. So many great people, great history, great members, etc!

I don't even remember what I told you last week.
For simplicity, the older gentleman investigator that didn't originally believe in Christ that I've been telling you about, I'm going to refer to him as "C". Sound good? Okay.

So I don't remember if I told you about the last lesson we had with C on the Word of Wisdom. Well, he didn't take it particularly well. He told us that chewing was his one bad habit and that he liked it and didn't intend to give it up any time soon. We left with strong testimony, relating it back to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but it was still a little frustrating. 

Anyways, he couldn't come to church that Sunday because he ended up in the hospital. (Nothing too major, but definitely something that would necessitate you staying at home for a bit). Our WML was awesome and dropped by homemade bread and also did some laundry for C. Super grateful for an awesome WML.

Back to the story. C came to church yesterday. Also we had a ward dinner at 5, so we had a lesson with C at 4 at the church before the dinner. (The Butte 2nd ward calls it a linger longer even though you go home and then come back... I don't know, don't ask me). ANYWAYS. For that lesson, Sister Breaux and I decided he needed the first lesson (Restoration) again to help bring the spirit and solidify the calling of Joseph Smith as a prophet.

So we share the First Vision, and ask for his opinion. 
Remember, C is long-winded. 
Pretty sure he gave us a 15 minute explanation how he was defensive when we taught the Word of Wisdom, but that he recognized that as Satan. He also said that if he were in, then he'd better be all-in. He told us that he had already dumped his alcohol down the drain and would dispose of his coffee and chew. 
*And this was all by himself!!* We hadn't said anything since the last lesson. Power of the Holy Ghost! And Book of Mormon! And prayer!
So he's on date for April 19th to be baptized. But we think he might be ready earlier. This is a life-long addiction, though.

But can I just say - HUGE CHANGE OF HEART!!!
C has gone from not believing to Christ, from being hardened, jaded, unwilling to change......
to knowing Christ is his Savior and Redeemer. To understanding the role of prophets. To having faith. To be willing to change. Trusting and going forth with the promises in Alma 32:27 and Ether 12:6.

And as I testified last time, I know a large reason for this change was his willingness to read the Book of Mormon with an open heart.

READ EVERY DAY!!! It brings blessings. 

Other good news? That young less-active couple has come to church three times now! And you can see the change of heart in them. They are so awesome. They haven't picked a temple date yet, but they will pick one on Saturday. We're going to have them choose it while we're there. We already gave them the head's up that we'd ask them to pray about it in the next lesson we teach them.

Oh, we also had exchanges this week so Sister Breaux was gone for awhile and we had a Whitehall sister with us. And Sister Breaux will be leaving tomorrow for Dillon. It's kind of annoying. I like having Sister Breaux as my companion.

So anyways, that's the Butteful Butte news. 
And guess what, there's a few inches of snow here as well, sooo stop complaining ;) We were going to hike Montana Tech's "M", but once again the weather foiled our plans.


Sister Griffin!

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