Monday, March 24, 2014

The Book of Mormon!!

The news for this week.... hmm.. well.
We are for sure making progress with many of our less-actives!
There's a couple that has been less-active for ages and also pretty indifferent towards the church. Her dad died just over a month ago. Anyways, they have always been super nice and fun to visit, but just haven't been committing to changing or making progress. We went this week and taught them the first lesson. For the first time EVER, she stated that she wanted to regain her testimony and really find out for herself if the church is true. She was raised in the church and said she felt God's love so much more back then and that she wants that back. :) We told her she would gain that testimony through reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.
Remember the young couple I told you about? The one whose grandpa on the other side was helping him know that now was the time to change? They were at church again yesterday! They've been sick the last two weeks and so it was really good to see them there.
And actually, we are teaching the less-active sister of the husband (of the young couple). She has a nonmember fiance who is pretty, well, interesting. Some describe him as cocky. Anyways, we were asking him if he would hear the second lesson (he heard the first one without being asked to hear them) and he ended up inviting us & the young couple over for dinner and a lesson this Wednesday. We're excited, even though it's difficult to say if he's interested or not. I think he is, he's just not admitting it. But actually, let's be honest, everyone's interested, they just don't necessarily know it! Everyone wants the truth!!

Anyways, hopefully that's not too confusing, I just don't want to include names.
Oh, there's another less-active I want to tell you about. She was raised and baptized in the church, but her family wasn't very active. Since her youth, she left the church and became a regular attendant of the Baptist church. About 5 or more years ago, she was re-baptized and her husband was baptized. Immediately after her second baptism, those in the Baptist church visited her and threw at her all the reasons why she "made a mistake". Let's just say I am very grateful for Brother Fowles' class because I know how to respond to each of the scriptures that she mentioned. Anyways, she was at church this week and she said it felt good. We made sure she understood that was the spirit confirming to her the truth of the gospel. She wants to know if the church is true, and that comes down reading and praying about the Book of Mormon.

                                                       Sis. Breaux & Sis Griffin on their way to Zone Conference

Zone conference was this week in Helena. We had 5 zones there: Great Falls, Great Falls East, Helena, Bozeman, and Butte. The focus was on The Book of Mormon. We divided up into groups and collectively read the entire book. Way awesome zone conference, the spirit was so strong. 
I walked away from zone conference so grateful for The Book of Mormon and my testimony of it. The Book of Mormon really is our divine proof of the message of the Restoration. The Holy Ghost cannot lie, thus receiving that spiritual witness confirming the Book of Mormon is so incredibly important and the foundation of a testimony.
I've seen the power of the Book of Mormon work in that investigator who didn't at first believe in Christ. I remember feeling disheartened - this man couldn't even say he believed in Christ, how on earth can he gain that faith that was so apparently missing in his life?? In PMG, it talks about teaching those without a Christian background and that people can gain faith in Christ as they read the Book of Mormon. So I decided to trust in that promise, that all we needed to do is get that man to read the Book of Mormon sincerely. And he has. And he now has a testimony of Christ. And I know he has had that confirming witness that the Book of Mormon is true.

The Book of Mormon has such a strong converting power - I am reminded of a picture that I saw on Facebook - it's a message board outside of another church and it says "Don't read the Book of Mormon - that's how they get you!"

Well, it's not us that "get them" - it's the Holy Ghost testifying of the Book of Mormon. It's powerful. I know the Book of Mormon is the key to testimony and conversion.
In other news, Sister Breaux went to Whitehall on exchanges and so one of the Whitehall sisters came to Butte to be with me. So that has been fun! I had this sister laughing at almost everything I said. I felt so funny! haha She's had a rough time on her mission, so I'm glad I could make her laugh. I am glad Sister Breaux is back, though. She's weird and crazy enough that I can be totally normal around her. 

Totally normal for me = what people generally except as odd/creepy/weird/childish
It's fun.
Life's too short to be normal.
Oh, I got a new iPad at the zone conference. It's one of the newer ones apparently. I forgot to tell you that my iPad accidentally fell off the table and hit my ankle and then the carpet. It got a TINY crack in the screen - not even the part of the viewing screen - but they still wanted to send it in to get it fixed. So they gave me a new one.
And that's about it! (Sorry if the grammar's bad, I'm in a hurry!)


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