Monday, April 14, 2014


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

This has been an amazing week!!........and now I'm getting transferred :'(
I'm going back to Billings, but I'll be in the other stake in the Lake Hills ward. (Butte East stake)
The frustrating part though is that I'm just switching places with Sister Pickering. She's coming back to Butte and I'm taking her place in Lake Hills.

I really don't want to leave Butte. Sister Breaux is honestly my best friend and I have developed close friendships with all the missionaries in my district and so many of the people here. I've learned so much here, seen miracles, and truly love all of the members and those we teach.
But I have prayed about this transfer, and know it's what Heavenly Father wants. I may not understand it, but I do trust I'm going where I'm needed. Proverbs 3:5-6 came to mind.

So back to Billings!! and on the bright side, there will be a Target!! And a member owns a crepery who lets missionaries eat for free.... SO GOOD. I had it once before. Anyways.
Oh, and my new companion will be Sister Bateman. She actually is a "visa-waiter" - I think her mission call is for Brazil. I think she came out with me, but I'm not positive. 

Enough of the bitter! Time for the sweet!

                                                               The Awesome Butte District :)

It was a great baptism. We were concerned about people showing up - Brother C was an orphan and then he lost all of his family about 15 years ago. So he literally has nobody. Thus we really wanted his ward family to be there and support him. Sister Breaux and I spent a good chunk of time calling people to the ward and inviting them. There was a great turnout, I was super happy!
Sister Breaux and Elder Griffith sang "Come Unto Christ" and I accompanied. You should know that song, mom- it's the youth theme song for this year. They sounded so beautiful. A ward member recorded it and put it on her facebook if you would like to listen to it.
The ward mission leader's wife also sang. I accompanied her as well for the song- Amazing Grace. That's one of Brother C's favorites.
Anyways, after his baptism, Brother C was literally glowing. You could see a light in his eyes. The next day, right before his confirmation, he was telling us how happy he was after his baptism - that he hadn't felt that happy and giddy since he was a little kid.

Honestly, the change in Brother C has been amazing. I remember writing about him and sharing how he didn't believe in Christ and didn't want to change anything in his life. He was so jaded towards life, despite his efforts to always serve and be a good person. And now he's pressing forward, committed to living the gospel and following Christ. I am so grateful to have been a part of this miracle in his life.

This week, we have also found two students at Montana Tech that legitimately want to know if the church is true. One is living with his grandma, who is a member, and the other is dating a member from Missoula. Both have heard of the gospel and seen the blessings from it and thus want to know if it's true. So awesome! I'm bummed that I won't be getting to teach them. Oh, and there is a 9 year old kid who agreed to at least hear the first lesson. (The parents are divorced and the dad's a member and the mom's not) Many miracles in finding!
We also are seeing progress, albeit slow, in some of the less actives we have been teaching as well!! One's been reading and another has actually come to church twice!
So it's been a great week! Butte's been great, and I am super sad to leave. But I am grateful to have been able to make a difference.
I'll just have to hike Lady of the Rockies after my mission.

Sister Elise Griffin

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