Monday, April 21, 2014


So I liked the church's Because of Him video...but I'm not as crazy about it as everyone else is. That's besides the point, though.

I was super loved this Easter! Our sister training leaders gave us Easter bags, the member lady we live with gave us Easter bags, and some lady in the ward whose name I can't remember also gave us Easter baskets! Oh, and yes mom I got my Easter package :) I am wearing my Sperry's right now...I decided I would wear them only during preparation day and around the house. I'm so happy to have them!

But needless to say, I think I have enough chocolate to last me for quite some time. My companion, Sister Bateman, is on this no-sugar kick. And so I'm getting double the amount of chocolate and sweets that ordinarily would be hers. We might break out the bikes soon so I don't get fat.

Our Easter day started with a district devotional, then church, studies, and early dinner with some members. Then Sister Bateman got sick and so we only made it out for a little bit towards the end of the night. I was surprised she still wanted to go out. Anyways.

Sister Bateman's pretty great. We have similar views on personal time and space, etc so I'm thinking we will get along well :) Anyways.

Everyone in Lake Hills so far has been super nice! A lot of our ward though is newer/richer, and it kind of freaked me out a bit. Think about it - I've been in Havre/reservation (dump), Butte (old AND dump), and college kids (apartment/practically homeless haha). So being in a new area feels awkward and uncomfortable. But I'm getting used to it :) 

Want to know something cool though? I am seeing quite a few people that I knew from serving in the YSA ward here!! First dinner we went to was a family who has a son that attends the YSA ward. Way cool! Just makes me excited to see them again.

Want to know something else cool? This came as a surprise... I'm back in the office! They didn't tell me that when I got transfer news. We are more just helpers though than the sisters in the YSA ward - they are more in charge. Basically there is a senior missionary couple that serves with recording baptisms and the bike pool, and they are leaving by the end of this month. And so Sister Bateman and I will be taking over their jobs. (We don't have any new senior missionaries coming in) So we have 9 more days to learn their job before they go home from their mission. Their jobs don't seem like they are that hard...but they aren't explaining things very clearly so we are having to ask good questions to get the information we need out of them. 

So I'd tell you about the people in the area, but I don't know too many of them yet. There is a PM/LA family that we visited that came to church! We visited them and the wife (who is a former investigator) said that she knew she needed to be baptized soon. Awesome, right??.....but they are moving at the end of the month to the east end of the state.

There are some potential investigators that we are hoping to get somewhere with soon....the only progressing investigators in this area live in a nursing home. We think they are cognitive enough. They are slightly senile, but only slightly.  Anyways. They are interesting. 

Honestly, that covers everything that has been on my mind.


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