Tuesday, April 29, 2014

life in Billings...

This week started off great and then kind of took a dive. We had two investigators, who were on date to be baptized next week, drop us yesterday and another investigator who showed a lot of promise moved to Sidney. And lots of appointments cancelled as well. But the appointments cancelling is pretty normal, we were just really hoping otherwise.

                                                                               Sis. Bateman & Sis. Griffin

But! We do have a less-active that has much potential! She has never been to the temple and as we were visiting her, we asked her if that was a goal. She said it was and that she would appreciate our helping her get there. And so we have started teaching her the lessons and we will be helping her quit smoking and get to church. She was actually in church this Sunday! Late, but she was there! She also has a granddaughter who lives with her that we may try to start teaching. She's 12 and has not been baptized. Funny enough, this woman's son attends the YSA ward, and so this is another house that I've been before.

There is also a less-active family that we have been working with. Apparently missionaries have been working with this family for a few years. But they have a date in August to be sealed in the temple. They were all at church, and they seem to really be growing in the gospel. Teaching them is a little hectic, though. There tends to be quite a bit of drama in their house. But the mom cooks really well, they fed us some really good steak and loaded potatoes and an amazing salad.

So there is going to be a Women's Run on May 10. We got asked to help with some of the preparation stuff for the race (bibs, etc). We'll be doing that on Tuesday. But then we also got asked to run in the race as well. Sister Bateman and I are going to start running and get back into shape. That's actually something our mission encourages - running in races. It gets you seen and races are also almost always for charity. So we're just trying to decide if we want to do the 2 miles or the 5 miles. We'll probably do the 2 mi so it won't take as long and also we aren't in shape.

Many of the people that have been being taught here in Lake Hills are very flaky and overall don't seem interested or committed. And so we are going to have to do quite a bit of finding. 

That's really about it. The senior missionary couple that we are replacing goes home this Wednesday, and so we'll be completely in charge of their duties - bikes & baptisms. Honestly, I think there can be much improvement in the bike system. And they are still waiting for the bike pool to start paying for itself, part of me really wants to do a mathematical analysis and figure out when & how the account will even out. Maybe during personal time at night I'll work on it haha

Sister Griffin

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