Wednesday, May 7, 2014


scatter sunshine all along your way
cheer & bless & brighten every passing daaaaaaaAYYYY!
scatter sunshine all along your way
cheer & bless & brighten every passing day :)

So I had NEVER heard of that hymn until seminary.
and in seminary I didn't care for it much.
now it's one of my favorites!!! 
mainly because of the daaaaaaaAYYYY! part
it reminds me of President Monson because he is a great example of striving to help brighten others' days. especially widows. ;)

Just in case you were wondering, my other favorites are How Great Thou Art, They the Builders of the Nation, and I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go. Pretty sure there are other favorites, but I didn't really have favorite hymns until my mission. That's what happens when you sing at least one hymn every day.

Speaking of singing, I am getting SO MUCH BETTER!!! But I have to be able to hear it from either the piano or preferably someone else singing.

Not going to lie, the highlight of my week was SUSHI!!! 
There is a younger couple here in Lake Hills that is very smart and love culture (and so they will probably move soon because Billings doesn't do it for them). ANYWAYS, I was talking to them last Sunday about sushi & when they found out I missed sushi, they immediately decided that's where they were going to take us for dinner. The place is called Fancy Sushi. It was pretty good! (I already sent the picture) I learned the difference between sushi, sushi rolls, and shashimi (no idea how to spell that)

Sushi = fish + rice
Sushi roll = obvious. rice + fish + whatever else rolled up
Shashimi = just the raw fish

Oh I tried octopus! and I have no idea what kind of raw fish I had besides tuna & salmon. Way tasty though. My preference is still a sushi roll, however.

This week was pretty good....we couldn't go out Monday at all because we were both sick. Sister Bateman was throwing up & I had a bad cold/sore throat that came out of nowhere. So if my email sounded grumpy last week, that probably contributed.

Did my setting apart include stuff about being a good companion, can you remember? Because I didn't write down anything about that, but I feel like it was mentioned... but even if it wasn't mentioned, I feel like that's part of the good I am doing here. So many of my companions have needed support and I have been able to help. I think that's part of the reason why I have gotten transferred a lot....anyways. I remember someone giving me advice that a lot of your purpose is with companions as well as investigators & less-actives. 

Sorry mom & dad, I signed up for the 2 mile, not the 5 mile. Sister Bateman & I haven't ran at all (we've both been sick!) and I don't want to hurt my knee. & the 5 mile would take too long, we can do more contacting if we're not running for so long!

That was WAY COOL about Greg in the HJ!! And that Pres. Albrecht (I don't know how to spell his name) even mentioned it. Hah and I was mentioned, too! I'm so special. ha ha just joshin'

Hmm that's interesting there were a lot of math/stat people. BUT I'm betting many of them were math education. It's weird... a lot of my math/stat friends probably were in that graduation. ahhhh they won't be there when I get back! weird. 

so we got three new people to teach!!!! 2 less-actives and 1 investigator. YAYYY.

and we got someone on date. YAYY. She LOVES her coffee, though. I'm a little apprehensive for the Word of Wisdom lesson. But she LOVES the Book of Mormon and when we taught the Plan of Salvation, she LOVED it and it made so much sense to her. hmmm probably because she's heard it before, back in the premortal life... 
...that and the Plan of Salvation just makes SO MUCH SENSE!

So then there's the less-active and her boyfriend investigator. They are in their mid-30s and they are super interesting! Think punks. They love loud music, drums, and tattoos. In Billings, Montana. (While Billings is big, it definitely has more of a cowboy/farming/ranching vibe) Anyways, they are super nice, super chill, and we are very excited to teach them. 

I'm thinking Facetime. My email/username is just this email address. But if you prefer Skype, that'd be okay, too. 


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