Monday, May 12, 2014

you heard it all!!!

Editors note:  we talked with Elise via Facetime yesterday for Mother's Day... it was AWESOME!!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

So good to see you yesterday!
Not much to say, I told you all of it yesterday.
But I suppose I can tell you what happened after talking to you!

Our dinner was with a family that's huge into band. Get this - the dad was the
mom's band director in high school. Yep. Pretty funny. Anyways, it was nice
to talk band with them.

Sis. Bateman & Sis. Griffin in the Montana Women's Run :)


Next was our lesson with "X". He's kind of interesting. He's the one who brought
up polygamy and priesthood when we first knocked on his door. He did ask for a
Book of Mormon, though. Anyways, he's be unemployed for awhile and had
been praying about what to do before we showed up. He says he was perusing
through the Book of Mormon on the topic of wives when he found Jacob 2:18-19.
He felt like that was his answer and that's why he tracked us down via the mission
home to have us come back and find him a ride to church. So there is potential,
but we are worried about him just searching for welfare. He's kind of hard to read.
He's also very formal. He asked us if he could send us a letter through the church,
thanking us for our efforts. So we told him to send it to the mission home.

Next was our lesson with "T". We taught her the Word of Wisdom, and we brought
a recently reactivated member who has been overcoming her addictions. She
helped the lessons SO much. She was able to testify so powerfully of the blessings
that have come as she has overcome smoking and also given up coffee. AND she
instantly wanted to be T's friend and to arrange a time for their daughters to play

Hmm.... I'm trying to think of anything that I forgot to tell you yesterday.

Well I just talked with Sister Breaux and Chuck has received the Aaronic priesthood!!
That's way exciting! And he wants to work on his family history so he can perform
the work for his family :) It's great to see him accepting the gospel and progressing :)

Yeah, I am really out of things to say. You heard it all yesterday!

But seriously...
Get JIF's Salted Caramel Hazelnut spread. It will change your life.


Sista G.

a quote of the week for you.
ME: I can be funny sometimes.
Sista Bateman: (laughs) That was funny!
ME: See? Told you!
I wanted to share that just in case none of you think I'm funny.

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