Monday, June 30, 2014

another week, another dollar...

Sister Bateman has a few peculiar sayings, and that's one of them - another week, another dollar. I want to know where she's getting these dollars from haha Does that come from some old saying that she has twisted? Because "another day, another dollar" sounds more familiar. Ha anyways.

But that largely sums up this week. No one new, no amazing experiences, but a nice and steady progression with each of our families.

Honestly, the Tennessee family is doing great with overcoming their addictions. Yesterday when we visited them, we were told they had just smoked their last cigarette! We shared Jacob 3:1-2 and asked him if he had ever felt that he had "feasted upon [God's] love". He told us that in the past he has occasionally nibbled upon God's love and felt those reassurances. But now recently, he has felt so much love from God! Answered questions, better health (the several pots of coffee every day had been giving him stomach problems. Now with no coffee, he has no stomach pains), etc..

When have you felt that you have feasted upon [God's] love?

Sister Bateman and I have been really focusing on daily contact. Once someone has a baptismal date, we are encouraged to talk to them every day, whether through Facebook, text, calls, or drop-in's. Sometimes it's a little tricky, because you don't want to annoy them. But we've been getting better at it! Brownies help...

OH, dad, we have the bikes up and running. We biked to church yesterday. We are definitely out of shape.Even though the tires were ridiculously flat, they did pump up okay. I think they have the green goop in them? So we'll be riding. But the weather here is kind of crazy - there is a famous phrase in Montana: "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes". And it's kind of true. While the storms don't last very long, it rains here almost daily. You'll have a crazy storm then brilliant sunshine. The wind here is bad too. Basically I'm just giving excuses for not doing a ton of biking. In reality, it's just because we are out of shape, skirts on bikes is a pain, and there are many hills in our area. It's called Lake HILLS for a reason.

That's about it!!

Love, Sista G.

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