Monday, June 23, 2014

fammmilllllyyyyyy... #forever

Yooooooooooooooooooooooo :)

I am tired. Our car did not leave our driveway yesterday. :) We walked everywhere! It felt good, but now I am feeling somewhat lethargic. (And dad I know you are wondering - we didn't ride our bikes because we don't have them working yet. It's on our to-do list. But two of the tires are EXTREMELY flat, and so we're guessing they will need more maintenance than just adding air. And neither of us know how to do that. Plus it's easier to talk to people who are outside when you are walking and Sister Bateman hates bikes.)

This was a very busy, very full week. Just lots of teaching with some service. The week flew!
The most exciting news came from our family from Tennessee! He has been researching the Book of Mormon and pretty much anything else from the church that he can get his hands on for a few weeks now. And last Monday, we found out from his wife that he has found his answer! So here is the story (condensed, because they both are quite the talkers)

He goes to read his Book of Mormon. He finds the bookmark in a difference place. He asks his family if they moved his bookmark. Everyone said no. He reads where his bookmark is. The passage he read answered two of his questions that he has had since he was young. No other religion in the past 40 years had been able to answer his questions. 

I can't tell what his questions were because we didn't ask. BUT we answered another one of his questions in the subsequent lesson. He had been wondering how Christ knew how we felt and what we went through. He figured Christ's understanding came from the fact that he is all-knowing. Our lesson that day, however, was on the Atonement. And so we went over how Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane so he could feel and understand everything. We shared Alma 7:11-13. His comment was "the only place that I have been able to find answers is in the Book of Mormon."

The Tennessee family is on date to be baptized July 19th! Their biggest obstacle will be the Word of Wisdom. But we explained to them how the Atonement can apply to them in overcoming their addictions. Anyways, they are great. We love them.

Our other two families are progressing as well! We love them so, so much!

Speaking of family. I had NO IDEA that other Christian religions teach that after this life, the family pretty much disintegrates. You may see your family members, but you wouldn't think of them as family, you would just see them as your "brothers and sisters in Christ". GAHHHH!! I am SO GLAD that we know families are for ETERNITY!! That those bonds we have in this life CONTINUE to the next life! Families are such a blessing here, and are so sweet - why wouldn't we have those same blessings in heaven? I love you, family :) And hey, I'm excited to see my pets, too. Geesh. Pepper's waiting to see us. And Major. I'd say the cats, too, but there have been too many to remember their names...ha

Oh hey. EXCITING NEWS. Well, just for me. In Butte, there was a recent convert that we worked a TON with. She was great, very steadfast and immovable. She also cooked well. But that's besides the point. She was in town this weekend for her son's wedding. So she emailed me and scheduled lunch! So yesterday I got to see her again and have lunch with her at Applebee's!!!

Blessings for serving in Billings. Because people don't really travel to anywhere else in Montana.
Other news. In a few weeks, we will be moving. So it will be after transfers, most likely. The sister we are living with has housed missionaries for a very long time and so it's time for a change. Just a head's up. 
Hey. My singing has gotten SO MUCH better. That's what happens when you sing every day in the morning and multiple times throughout the day for lessons. I still need someone or something to listen to, but Greg won't be making fun of me anymore. 

....well, at least for my singing. I'm sure he will find out other things to make fun of me for. 

Tell Stacie that I say hello!!! :) And congrats to Blake & Adrianna!

Sista G

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