Monday, June 16, 2014

it's not about you!!!

Luke 9:24. Life isn't about you.
Sister Bateman, whenever someone (mainly a missionary) is complaining, even herself, she'll remind them that "it's not about you" in this awesome British accent. It's great. So whenever someone is complaining about not wanting to do something, even yourself, just remember "it's not about you". And say it in a British accent, that makes it even better.
We found another family to teach! ...Well, we didn't find them, they were referred to us by a recent convert downtown. Right know we are just teaching the mom and the daughter, the dad is apprehensive of the changes he would have to make and so doesn't want to meet with us. But the dad is supportive.
But the mom shared with us that her family needs more peace in their lives. She also wants greater purpose and a ward family. She has seen how it has blessed her dad and her friend that referred her. She has seen the blessings, and so she wants it for herself. 

We met with her and her daughter Saturday night and they were at church on Sunday. They believed all that we shared with them on the Restoration and they want more church materials - the Bible, manuals, pamphlets, the Doctrine & Covenants, etc.. They are on date to be baptized in early August. We are so excited to teach them!!
In other news, our zone provided some service at a race this weekend! It was the Father's day race, except it wasn't just for men like the Mother's day race was. We were the cross guards / course guides! It was kind of fun to stop traffic and ask them to drive around so as to not hit the runners. It did ran during the race... I felt bad for the runners... at least they missed the hail which came later in the day! We even got free t-shirts out of it.
Did I rant last week about how much I like Billings? Because I love Billings. It's an AWESOME place. Don't come here though if you can't do -20 degrees for several weeks in the winter.. But the people are great and it's overall a wholesome place. Hah but maybe that's just because I primarily hang around church members! But I don't think so. 
And the traffic is NO WHERE near as bad as Utah traffic. Gag. I despise Utah traffic.

Hmmmm other news other news..... the texting report is finally running well enough to be usable! There's a genius missionary who taught himself all of this programming and so he was asked by President to create a program to analyze missionaries' texting. But the program kept having ridiculous bugs. So I'd try to supply the best information I could to help him debug it and also told him what we needed, etc.. This texting report has been plaguing us since I got back here. And so it's a relief that it's primarily working.
Oh, I got a picture with Spencer Griffin yesterday. He's leaving soon for his mission to Arizona and so yesterday was essentially their farewell. He told me he met Grandpa & Grandma. I figure he's the closest relative that I'll run into while on my mission. 

That's all I can think of! We have all these promising people on date for baptism, now we just need to help them be able to make those changes in their lives so they can make their date!
Sister Griffin

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