Monday, June 2, 2014

Ohhh I'm half way there....

That is a reference to Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer".
Just in case some of you missed that.
Wednesday is my half-way mark. Or at least it is my 9 month mark.
Time flies when you're having fun!

Our Native American should be getting baptized this Saturday! His interview is tonight. We went over the 
baptismal interview questions yesterday, and he has such a great grasp of the gospel. He is also excited 
to have this fresh start and to have God more in his life. So hopefully I will have some pictures for you 
next week.

Did I tell you? Sister Bateman requested permanent reassignment to the Montana Billings Mission. 
Very exciting!! I cannot remember if I told you that or not. Sorry if I already told you.
Other news. Sacrament fast & testimony meeting was great yesterday.

Background first.
We have been teaching Tabatha for a long time, ever since Februrary. But recently her husband has 
been sitting in and wanting to learn if what we have to teach is true. Yesterday was her second time at 
church and his first time.

Back to testimony meeting. The husband asks me early in the meeting if only Mormons can go up and 
share their testimony. I said no, that he would be welcome. So he goes up to the pulpit and speaks for 
5 minutes, sharing that he has been disappointed in the many different Christian denominations that he 
has attended. He likened himself to Joseph Smith, saying that he too was sincerely searching for the 
truth, for the church set up by God. He shares that he hopes he can find the truth here in the LDS church 
and then closed by asking the congregation to pray for him as he seeks the truth.
Just so great! And we barely started teaching him.

Still on sacrament meeting. We had 7 investigators at church again. It has been amazing to see the 
miracles in this area! We are getting so many comments now from ward members about how we have 
so many new and exciting things going on with the work. And it is true! The work is going forward! And 
the members are getting more excited to help! Sister Bateman and I wonder on a regular basis what 
we have done that has merited such blessings.

Alma 26:3 "And this is the blessing which has been bestowed upon us, that we have been made 
instruments in the hands of God to bring about this great work"

There are blessings here in the Lake Hills ward of Billings, Montana, but there have also been miracles 
in the Wadsworth ward! I hope everyone who has helped with this work feels the joy and blessings from 
laboring in the Lord's vineyard. Y'all should read Alma 26. Sorry for the y'all. Montanaian is rubbing off 
on me. Soon I'll be "warshing" my clothes in the local "crick". 

Next I shall tell you the drama with Mr. X. My goodness.
We've actually met with him 4 times and taught him each time.
And each time he's brought up anti stuff. Every single time.

The last time was so bad that we decided we were dropping him, we were just figuring out if we should 
say something or just stop meeting with him. But then came his letter (he sent it to the mission home)
It was FOUR PAGES long, front & back, in his tiny, messy, cursive handwriting. And it was four pages 
of him dropping us based on twists of geographical aspects of the Book of Mormon, polygamy, and racism.
Literally the NEXT day after receiving this letter, we receive a call from bishop saying he had just spoken 
to Mr. X and that Mr. X wanted to be baptized.


So we talk to Mr. X, we go over and have a "lesson" with our zone leaders & a member, and essentially 
he just can't work out how the members can be so kind, genuine, and Christ-like if the LDS church is so 
wrong. He still doesn't want to get baptized, because he doesn't believe any of it, but he is not closing 
the door yet.
es, we have brought up Matthew 7:20 where it states "by their fruits ye shall know them"
Anyways, he was at church again even though he said in his letter that he would not be coming back. 
His heart is still incredibly hardened and closed, but he is definitely having a hard time reconciling 
the goodness of members with his beliefs that the Book of Mormon is rubbish.

Sister Bateman and I decided that Heavenly Father has put Mr. X in our path just to keep things interesting 
for us. Heavenly Father thought we needed a little bit of drama.
Just kidding.

That's just the tip of the iceberg of this week, but I think Sister Bateman is bored and ready to go. 
Read Alma 26, will you?


Sista Elise Griffin

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