Monday, July 28, 2014


Funny story from yesterday.
Dad will definitely appreciate our zeal.

On Friday, we FINALLY get our new car! We had been driving a temporary car that was driving us crazy. Chevy Malibu's that elders have driven for years aren't very appealing. 

On Saturday, we FINALLY get my bike fixed. (Tire wouldn't hold air and the brakes were being weird. The shifters still aren't working right, but c'est la vie. The hills aren't so bad here, I can climb them with the front gear stuck in 2nd)

So Sunday, what do we decide to do?
Ride our bikes all day!

So we ride them to church (1.7 mi, not bad)
And ride them back. 

Then we ride to a member's home across main (maybe about 4+ mi?) so he can do a quick tune up on Sister Bateman's bike. 

In his enthusiasm to pump up her rear tire, he pops the tube.

So then we were on foot for the rest of the night. Luckily our dinner and following appointment weren't far, so we walked to those.

Then we walked to a member's, taught a lesson, and then they gave us a ride home.
Because while I don't mind walking, 4 miles would take quite some time, and it was already 8:30PM.

But the Jeep never left our driveway that day!

Which was good, because we put way too many miles on the Jeep the day before.

Because that Saturday, we volunteered for the Dirty Dash. And because we volunteered, we also got to run in it after all the participants went through.

The Dirty Dash is a mud/obstacle race. It was supposed to be a 5K, but I highly, highly doubt it was that long. The finish "line" is a giant mud pit.

Our job as volunteers was mainly to watch for safety at the different obstacles.
Anyways, as I said, we got to run in it for free.
We got pretty muddy.

I didn't get any pictures on my camera, but Sister Bateman got some on her's. 

There were a ton of people there, we definitely got seen by many and had many opportunities to talk to people.

Other news!

Zone conference. 

I neglected to mention that Sister Mecham asked me to be the pianist for zone conference this last week. My hymn-playing has definitely improved, but Sister Mecham is super musical. And so she didn't want the music just to be from the hymnbook. She found arrangements for choir + congregation, etc.. So I had been practicing the piano every single spare moment I had. (There is a piano at the new place we live at...can't remember if I mentioned that or not). Anyways, it didn't go perfect, but it went well enough. Glad I can stop practicing like a mad missionary.

But zone conference was really focused on families. It was almost like they wanted us to, in our minds, find out how our mission fit in with our eternal purpose and plan. The conference also focused on the fact that all 5 missionary lessons are to be taught before baptism. I'm not sure if you had heard that news or not. The Brethren came out with that statement about a month-ish ago. It used to be that we just taught lessons 1-4 before baptism, then lesson 5 afterwards. 

We are going to try to focus with our investigators the difference between testimony and conversion. Because you can know something is true, but fail to be converted to that knowledge. And so we feel that's where the Tennessee family is at. They really need to be converted, willing to do what it takes to be a true disciple of Christ, before they get baptized. But those principles apply to all of us. Each of us can always deepen our own conversion to the Savior.

Well I hope each of you had a great Pioneer Day! Because we all know how well celebrated that is out east.

Sista Griffinnnnn

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