Monday, July 14, 2014

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This week was much better.
No car accidents.
Only a few cancellations.
Found new people.

We had 10 nonmembers at church!!!
That's a record for us.
Actually 4 of them were more there due to member efforts instead of ours, so that makes it even better!

The Tennessee family is doing well. We brought by the Stop Smoking Program and supplies last week so they could be completely smoke free this week before their baptism. They had already cut back significantly. We actually drove to their house yesterday to make sure they were awake and getting ready for church. Don't worry, we told them we were coming, and they were totally fine with us dragging them out of bed :) So ALL of them were at church yesterday. And Bro. Tennessee met with the bishop.

Their baptismal date is next Sunday. Their interview is Wednesday. We are not anticipating any problems and we are also going to be dropping in every. single. day. And they requested a blessing that we'll be organizing for them tonight.

My favorite is when Bro. or Sis. Tennessee offer the prayer at lessons. Always extremely heartfelt, thanking God for the path that they are on, and that they know it is the right path, for added strength, etc..

So that's the Tennessee news.

Other news.
I'll talk about the 4 that were at church that we hadn't worked with much. They're actually a family..sorta.. woman + her kids + boyfriend. But the woman's grandparents were very active and raised her in the church. Her parents, however, got excommunicated. One of the kids has been attending scouts and is at scout camp this week. Anyways, she just moved in and it's been her neighbor that's a member that has been the lead in all of these efforts. They stayed for second hour and the boyfriend asked some pretty good questions during Gospel Principles. We're going to stop by tonight to answer questions and ask them to take the mission lessons. We first met them two weeks ago and briefly talked to them and invited them to church.

On Saturday, Sister Bateman felt like she wanted to go somewhere specific, to see someone that we could really bless. So I suggested we say a prayer. After the prayer, we felt prompted to go try a referral again. We had tried this referral before, but the timing was always bad or there was no answer.
This time, the referral came to the door and talked with us for 40 minutes! She said that she had been observing Mormons for years and noted how peaceful they were. She loves BYUTV and made the comment that she wished her entire neighborhood was Mormon. She said she's really thinking it's time for her to find that peace for herself and so she wants to learn and come to church. We talked to her about church, the Book of Mormon, Moroni 10:4-5, and several other topics.

She is extremely busy with work, so we don't know when we will actually be able to start teaching her. But we were just floored with how prepared this woman is and also that we were able to finally catch her when she had a few minutes to spare.

Overall, this week was really great, such a blessing after last week. 
And actually, the Tennessee family walked in as we were singing the opening hymn, "Be Still, My Soul", which is the hymn I was studying all this week in conjunction with patience. And I was just hit with gratitude & the spirit by how much this was a "joyful end" to our week because we had "(Left) to (our) God to order and provide" through the hard parts of the previous week. 

ANYWAYS. I'm chalking "Be Still, My Soul" as one of my new favorite hymns. 'Tis a good one, and I definitely saw this week how the Lord does provide.

That's the major news!

Sister Griffin

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