Monday, July 21, 2014

life's a roller coaster!

Our Tennessee family didn't get baptized :(

Long story short:
The night before their interview, all of these doubts flooded in. They weren't sure that Joseph Smith was a prophet, or about some doctrinal aspects....

But they summarize it as this: 
They have joined so many churches just to later  leave & decide that they weren't quite right. They want their next church that they join to be their last church that they join. So they just want to make absolutely sure.

But, Bro. Tennessee just started a night job and today started his day classes. So meeting with him  will be especially difficult. We've already caught Sis. Tennessee several times.

Actually the last time we saw Sis. Tennessee, she really opened up to us. We already had a close relationship with all of them, but they would always hold back some of the most deep and personal concerns and worries. She shared her life story with us, and we finally were able to understand where she was coming from and how to help.

Both Bro & Sis Tennessee want to keep learning, keep coming to church, and keep being taught. They love the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They just want to be sure.

Sister Bateman & I understand they want to be sure... our maybe not-so-righteous frustration is that we feel they have already received SO many witnesses of the truth, and that we just want them to have all of those blessings of baptism NOW.

So maybe there was a reason why I was prompted to study patience a couple few weeks ago.... :)

Did I tell you about "couple few" before? It's super common here in Montana. Instead of saying " a couple days ago" or a "few days ago", they decided to introduce the redundancy "a couple few".

There are quite a few Montana colloquialisms and pronunciations that I find hilarious, so I just use them for entertainment. That's one of them. The other is "bAg" instead of "bag". 

here's actually what took up a HUGE chunk of our week:

We moved!
New address: 1223 Benjamin Blvd.

Because we don't have a key to our mailbox or know if we get to use our mailbox.
Just send stuff to the mission home. 1848 Rimrock.
And don't send anything to the old Riveroaks place.

So the new place is actually not in our ward boundaries... here's the story.

There's a couple in the ward who run their own small business. They had been renting office space. They ultimately decide that's a waste of money. They decide to turn that money into an investment. So they bought a new, small home and turned that into their office. 
When they heard the sisters needed a new place to live, they emptied out one of the rooms & moved that stuff into the garage so we could move in.

We are still in the process of moving in. Our car looks like we are kind of homeless because we keep picking up more things from the old place to move to the new place.

So anyways, we are in a BRAND NEW home. Sister Bateman was the first person to ever shower in that home's shower. The couple only got the home a few months ago.. like March/April or something like that.

So it's great! We love it.
And they have a piano in there!
We're still waiting on a dresser, though, for our clothes... apart from that, the ward has been amazing in getting house things for us. (especially kitchen stuff) Which is awesome. Because 1. we didn't have to wait for the mission home to supply anything 2. it got our members more missionary-minded.

Anyways. We are grateful. And there's only someone there during the day, 9-5.  

So between moving & the work at the mission office, we have been rather pulled away from our missionary work. Hopefully things can settle this week. We really just want to meet with Bro. Tennessee.

That's the majority of my news!

Sister Griffin

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