Monday, July 7, 2014

with patience bear...

So this week was hard!

Actually, last Monday was pretty good....and then on Tuesday, our car got totaled!!
Don't fear, no injuries, just a little sore Tuesday & Wednesday.

It was quite the accident. We were completely NOT at fault, by the way.

We were on Main St. in the Heights, headed south to mission office for the usual work. It was raining decently hard, but nothing major. It was 1 PM in the afternoon and we were completely stopped at a red light in backed up traffic. (The light was Main & Lake Elmo, in case you wanted to look it up). We were stopped for quite a bit of time - probably a minute. 

But a big truck behind us somehow did not realize the traffic was stopped - and so they rear-ended us going at least 40 mph. That caused us to hit the Chevy Beretta in front of us which then hit the truck in front of them. Four car crash, and we were the first ones hit.

Our trunk moved into the back seat, and the license plate was up where the back window should have been. If someone had been in our back seat, we are pretty sure they would not have fared well at all. 

But we were fine, just rather shakey. Our zone leaders came and helped us figure out the mission towing, etc.. Then they gave us a ride to the mission home. We tried to do office work, but we weren't very able to focus. Our sister training leaders then picked us up and took us home. Thank goodness our bikes were working because we then biked to our dinner and then to the RS activity for our ward.

So that was just the beginning of our hard week!

From there on, every appointment we made this week canceled. Every appointment. It's hard enough when all of the appointments for one day cancel, let alone a week. Oh, and no one came to church.

Other good news? Our recent baptism is moving back to the reservation where he will have no car and will be 45 miles from the nearest church. He had been staying at a veteran's home in town to try to get his education going and put his life in order so he could take custody of his kids. (He's divorced and his ex is a meth addict and the law enforcers on the reservation are corrupt) But the living situation was becoming too difficult at the Veteran's home and so he decided to move back to Lodgegrass before he snapped. It almost feels like he is giving up on improving his life, both with the gospel and with education. But he promised us that he will come back to Billings in the fall for school. So hopefully that will happen and every things will be okay. I actually cried when we got home after saying goodbye to him, which was both a surprise to myself and Sister Bateman since I never really cry. It was a combination of being grateful to have had the opportunity to meet him and bring him the gospel and sad that he was leaving and taking a setback in his life.

                                                     Sis. Griffin & Sis. Bateman at the Billings, Montana Temple

But honestly, that summarizes the hard things this week. 

The Fourth of July was okay! We had a barbeque with our recently reactivated family and then we had permission to see the fireworks in Billings. Okay so here's the thing - the ONLY fireworks in Billings are put on by a church - Harvest church - Peter would refer to it as the great & spacious building. They were actually pretty good, especially for being church organized. BUT SERIOUSLY BILLINGS??? Billings is the biggest city in the whole state, and they don't do fireworks. I suppose it is because Laurel, which is nearby Billings, does a crazy amazing fireworks show and so half of Billings goes to Laurel. But missionaries in the Heights can't go to Laurel. So we went to Harvest's. Which, as I said, were pretty good.

In other news, this is transfer week and both Sister Bateman and I are staying! In addition, President Mecham asked us to head the office sisters. That doesn't mean too much - mainly we just make sure all of the office sisters are getting their tasks done and we run the Saturday morning meeting that we have with the assistants (and sometimes President if he is around). 

About housing, they are going to try to set up a 6 month rotation in our ward. So we will only stay in any given member's home for 6 months and then we will go live in another member's, etc.. It's actually a pretty good idea if people will sign up to do it! There are enough elderly people in our ward that it should work... otherwise we are getting an apartment. Because the housing senior missionary, President Mecham, and the high counselor over missionary work in the stake are all supportive of getting us moved by the end of the month.

So with all of the trials of this week, I've decided to study patience. I have decided that patience is a really cool thing, that it eliminates much of the angst in life. Because if you truly have patience, it's not just that you can wait, but it's that you can wait and endure without feeling upset, angry, frustrated, etc.. It means trusting the Lord's timing but also giving people the benefit of the doubt. Patience and faith are related. Anyways, it's be good to study. "Be still, and know that I am God" Psalms 46:10.

 That's about this week. I've been trying to email you pictures from my iPad of the crash, but it's not working for some reason. But I do have one on my camera that I'll send.


PS Everyone in our ward kept telling us not to tell you about the crash because you'd worry too much. Were they right? Because you shouldn't worry, we're good :)

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