Monday, August 25, 2014

change can be good :)

                                                                                  Sisters in the Billings Zone

The last three days, I have felt like I was in Ohio. We didn't see the sun, and it was pretty much constantly raining. And it was super cold! We even got down into the 40s. This morning we finally woke up to a blue sky and sunshine, hallelujah! I was worried that fall was already here...and around here fall doesn't last long before the dreaded winter.

Transfers was a little sad, it was hard having Sister Bateman leave. She is the only companion I have had here in Lake Hills! We worked so well together and I felt like I was really able to help her. And we helped each other. So I am sad she left, but already Sister DeBry has been able to help our investigators and our ward tons.

So transfers were Wednesday, but they don't ship out the new missionaries to their areas until Thursday. And so we were asked to host a new sister missionary for the evening. Guess what we discovered as we were driving to and from appointments?

All THREE of us are AGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, it was so awesome!
Apparently Sister DeBry was there the exact same 3 years that I was there. She's Greg's age, however, and she spent her first two years taking generals in Price.
I was just so happy to spend some time with Aggies, it is annoying that so many in our mission went to BYU or BYU-I. Everyone keeps saying that USU is a party school, it drives me nuts. We just know how to have fun.

It was really fun having the new missionary that night. She said that she was nervous that morning, but we had a great evening visiting the Tennessee family, teaching Young Women's, and introducing Sister DeBry to our ward mission leader. Honestly, despite the recent struggles with them, the Tennessee family is perfect for new missionaries - they are super nice and friendly and love talking about Jesus Christ and the gospel. And so she told me that the evening helped her feel less anxious about her mission. 

Office responsibilities. Lake Hills is still leading the office sisters and the weekly meetings. But we lost one of the companionships. And so it's just us and Rimrock - Monad got let go. So my weekly responsibilities did increase, and President indicated that he will be giving me more - he wants me to eventually key in the baptismal records. Right now I'm just the baptismal record collector. I harass missionaries and turn them in to the assistants & President when they don't get the records in timely. Super fun. I feel like a money/tax collector haha

The biggest ordeal in the office is that our longest standing senior missionary couple is leaving next week, and we don't have anyone to replace them. So everyone is getting more responsibilities. This will be an interesting period of transition... which is why I am surprised Monad got let go. But hey, whatever President wants.

Sister DeBry is a talker, which I'm not, but I had to be while I was companions with Sister Bateman because she wouldn't say much unless she was super prompted. So it's going to be a definite transition, but we already get along great. Honestly, I can get along with pretty much anyone. I take mom's philosophy that if it doesn't matter, there's no point getting your undies bunched over it. (Did I quote that well enough?)

Right now the big focus is on getting the ward involved! Remember the recently reactivated couple that just went to the temple? They are new ward missionaries! And they are going to be fantastic! We also got another ward missionary who is actually a less-active man that was begging for a calling so he would have more motivation to go to church. He is already offering and trying to be super involved. It's great! Sister DeBry and I are brainstorming more ways to get the ward involved. Our ward is super friendly, but because there are so many multi-generational families, it is rather fragmented. So we want to increase ward unity and help them be more missionary-minded. 

Honestly, I feel like half of the work of a missionary is being a social worker.. We are trying to improve relationships,help families strive for their greater potential, work around potential mental illnesses, etc.. And we are so not qualified. All we really know what to do is teach correct principles and rely on President packer's quote:

"True doctrine, understood, changes attitudes and behavior. The study of the doctrines of the gospel will improve behavior quicker than a study of behavior will improve behavior." PMG pg 19.

Hey. BTW. Y'all should be studying Preach My Gospel regularly. Because all of you are missionaries, even without a nametag. And you have a family member out on a mission.

Honestly, that's just the highlights this week. There was tons of crazy. 

Sister Griffin

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