Monday, August 4, 2014

& that's why!

Our recently reactivated couple received their endowments on Saturday!!! And we got to go!!! And half of the ward was there!!! (Okay, half is an exaggeration, but still...!)

This couple has made leaps and bounds. They have made so many amazing changes in their lives. They constantly tell us how they have never been happier. They were just completely glowing during the endowment. It was so sweet to be with them in the Celestial room. That right there is why we do missionary work!!!

An even better part. They randomly texted yesterday about how the Tennessee family was doing. We told them they were struggling. Immediately they agreed to stop by to visit and/or bring by cookies/goodies for them. We thanked them, and they merely said that fellowshipping made all the difference to them, and so they wanted others to have that opportunity as well.

So here is Bro. Tennesee's latest.
He cannot deny that he feels the Book of Mormon was true. And he even feels that the priesthood was indeed restored. But he doesn't like the Doctrine & Covenants. He says it is choppy and doesn't flow. And so his conclusion is that Joseph Smith did translate the Book of Mormon, and that the priesthood was restored, but that Joseph Smith was not a prophet. He feels that after the translation, Joseph Smith got a big head and wanted to make a name for himself, and so he took everything as a revelation from God and wrote it down to be made into the Doctrine & Covenants.

I'm just going to leave the Tennessee family at that. They are starting to close off to us, especially Bro. Tennessee. But it also does not help that he is at school 8-3 and then working most nights 4PM-1AM. That has been making meeting with him really hard.

The ward floored us yesterday, though. Two different families made the point of visiting with the Tennessee family. One family went over to invite them over for dinner later on in the week, and the other family brought them a lasagna. So the ward is trying to help!

Other news, we had exchanges this week. That really helped us to come up with ways to help our investigators. All of them have so much potential, but none of them want to fully commit to changing their lives to fit the gospel. So during exchanges, we developed some game plans to more fully meet their needs.

Sorry, I do not have a picture of the car yet... and we were not able to get pictures with the couple that went to the temple because we had to dash off to make it to dinner. But their sealing is on Wednesday, and we will get pictures with them then. So expect pictures next week!

Sister Griffin

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