Monday, September 15, 2014

Facebook piloting

So you have already seen the news for Facebook!

There are some elders in our mission who were frustrated with all of the rules we have for Facebook. Some of the rules were restricting the ability for missionaries to be effective. They also felt that as a mission we could be more effective using Facebook in general. They were able to come up with 5 new methods and ideas to make Facebook more effective and they got President Mecham to approve it for a 6 week testing period. So there are 5 focus groups implementing each of these different ideas. It is not mission wide...yet. But I think very soon we will see that it is more effective.

The group that we are in is the daily posts. You all know someone who posts every day about something that is going on with them. Well, that is what we are doing as a companionship. That means we get more Facebook time and also permission to be tagged in photos. (Before we were only allowed one picture of us on Facebook, and that was our profile picture). So, you will be seeing much more activity on my mission Facebook.

It is funny that you mentioned the weather. I think it was Wednesday that we had SNOW FALL! All of it melted instantly, but there were pellets falling. It was so cold! But never in the 20s I don't think, unless that was during the night. I have never before experienced snow in the month of September. It is warmer now, but there is now that autumn bite in the air.

This week is going to be so busy! We have our zone temple trip on Wednesday and our zone conference on Thursday. The temple trip will be great, we are going to be instructed by President Mecham and the temple president inside the temple.

Not many new things happened this week, just continually working on the same people. We had exchanges this week, but they were cut short due to an exchange to help out some sisters in the other zone. Actually, it is with the Rimrock sisters, which means their work in the office is getting disrupted. Which means that we have to do more. And we already have to do more because the third companionship got released. Actually, that third companionship got doubled out because a sister had to go home & so there were some mid-transfer adjustments. So things are crazy.

That's really about it. 
Except, I do have a new favorite hymn!
"Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" #221
I have literally been singing it every. single. day. 
For this whole week. 
I never heard this hymn that much before.
It may finally be out of my head, but only time will tell with that one.

But I particularly love the last line - because that's truly what it is all about - when we understand and remember Christ's perfect love for us, we desire to help Him gather in the other lost sheep. We desire to be his under-shepherds and go out to the rescue! :)

Hope you have a great and tremendous week!

Sister Griffin

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