Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meet the Mormons!!

If you have not already requested it, you still have time to repent.

And if you have not yet heard of Meet the Mormons, 

It is a full length documentary film, originally intended for Legacy Theater at Temple Square for visitors. The test showings of the film had incredible results with nonmember groups. After viewing the movie, some of the people expressed that they would be much more likely to give the missionaries a chance to share. And 74% said they would recommend the film to their friends. 

It is going to be a great missionary tool, we are trying so very hard to bring it to Montana.

We were able to view it during district meeting this last week. Mom, the "Missionary Mom" is going to make you cry, just warning you. I loved hearing about Gail Halvorsen starting the candy drops over Berlin.

Visit the previews at least and request it. I hope it can come to Ohio, because if I home, I would be inviting everyone and their dog to go see it. Maybe get others to request it as well!

Sister DeBry is leaving me, the bum. She's even ditching out on the office, too! But my new companion will be Sister Templin. I have heard great things about her. Crazy thing? Her brother's in-laws are the family we are staying with. Does it get more small-world than that? I think she is from Tennessee and I know she is coming from Bozeman, her first area. She's only been on her mission for a handful of months.

I am sad Sister DeBry is leaving. She has been great for this area. And we've gotten along super well. Apparently I am the only companion that has not driven her crazy in some way. She was saying "I keep waiting to find something that annoys me, but there just isn't anything!" So pretty much I'm awesome. Just kidding, but kinda for reals. Oh, I don't think I've mentioned this, I might room with Sister DeBry and her sister at Utah State fall 2015. They want to get a house with their friends and they will need more roommates. Hollah!

Hah. Bet you were worried I didn't do anything this week. Well, it's actually been hard because Sister DeBry has been super sick. So we've been doing lots of sleeping. 

But we do have two new people we are teaching! A mother and 9 year old son. Actually, the son has been the catalyst of it all. This mother is the coworker of one of our less-actives. Her son wanted to know more about praying, and asked his mom. His mom then asked the less-active in our ward. 

This 9yr old is crazy amazing. We asked him why he started praying and he said that it was because he felt he had done some bad things and wanted to be able to pray so he could be forgiven! 

Anyways, they were in sacrament meeting for our fast & testimony meeting. It scared them a little bit, but they want to try again. 

I actually thought it was a pretty good testimony meeting, what scared me was I saw President & Sister Mecham sitting in the congregation when I went up to share my testimony. Little freaky and intimidating. Moving on. 

So some other news. Remember our severe ADHD investigator? We lost him. Like literally lost him. He had to move out of where he was and simultaneously lost his phone. We finally heard from him yesterday on a borrowed phone. Apparently he carries our number around with him. So we still have not seen him for a week and we have no idea where he is going to be living. We are now working with his mentor to try and help him stay focused enough to get his life settled and in order. 

Things have been getting cooler around here, I am prepping myself for more weeks of twenty below... I know they are a'comin!

Have a good week! Mom & Dad, stop hurting yourselves, jeesh.

Sister Griffin

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