Monday, September 1, 2014

meetings and finding...

I miss having just regular missionary responsibilities! You have a lot less stress. And more time to do missionary work..

This week was our mission leadership council & seminar. Typically it is just the zone leaders, sister training leaders, and assistants. But because it was in Billings they had us come scribe and talk about online stuff (Facebook is getting changed up a bit) On Tuesday, it started at 7:30AM and went super late, but we left at 7:45 because we had an appointment with a new investigator that we didn't want to miss. (More on that later). On Wednesday, it went from 7:30AM to about 4PM. And we were taking notes the whole time.

Honestly, it was really good - I learned a lot even though it technically wasn't for me. But I noticed how much gets lost - the ZL aren't very good at communicating the ideas shared at MLC. I can say that because we had a zone training the next day and the ZL & STL didn't cover half of the things mentioned the previous days.

But it was fun to see Sister Breaux and Sister O'Mealy and old zone leaders and such. Quite a few of us from the old Butte zone were there, so we got some pictures. I didn't get any on my camera, though, I'll have to harass Sister Breaux for them. 

Okay so here is the story on the new investigator. He has severe ADHD and also has bipolar maniac disorder. (Something like that - borderline schizophrenic). During our first lesson, he could not sit still or listen, he was just bouncing the whole time. Our second lesson, he was good for about 30 minutes and then he started going off again. He's actually pretty bright, but he's just crazy. We taught him using as much visual things as possible - cups to represent Christ's church that fell down during the apostasy, and two different Mormon Messages talking about Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson.

He technically is homeless... he is living with some old friends. His big problem is his mental disorder - he needs medication. And with his illness he cannot hold a job at all. One of our new ward missionaries was rather helpful - his wife just got a masters in counseling and has quite a bit of knowledge in diagnosing mental illness. It's great because they are less-active, so this is helping them become involved in the ward and the missionary effort.

This investigator came to church this Sunday, though, and he loved it! I was surprised that he was able to sit still and listen. Sacrament was probably the roughest because he couldn't comment. But he actually made some pretty good comments in the other classes. 

Other news is that the senior missionary couple leaves tomorrow & we don't have a replacement. Their going away party is actually today.

OH! We had two great examples of "talking with everyone". We were leaving the apartment of the mother & daughter that we're teaching and we walked past a neighbor that was outside smoking. We said "hi" as we walked by, but then we both had the distinct impression to turn around and keep talking with her. Ends up she used to be a convert - was married in the temple - but then had their names removed. She claimed she didn't remember why they left the church... but they are related to Levi Savage, so we offered to bring by 17 Miracles. We are excited to continue to talk with her! She was very curious to know how teaching her neighbors was going.

The other example. We were going to visit a less-active family that has a kid that wants to be baptized. The neighbor kid was outside working on his car. I told Sister DeBry that we should talk with him before we tried the family. Ends up he is dating a member that is off at college right now in Wyoming (he is a senior in HS). He is atheist, but we were able to answer questions and teach about the Book of Mormon and God. We left him with a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and to ask his girlfriend what her religion means to her. 

So that's my week! Year mark on Thursday - the recently reactivated couple immediately signed up to feed us that day as soon as they heard it was my year mark. I love them, they are so great. 

Sister Griffin 

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