Monday, October 27, 2014

It's coming!!

Our family are ready for their baptism! Interviews are all done, and many of the arrangements are finished. Only a few details and some of the follow-through are left, but apart from that it is all set! They are so excited, and we are too!

We had two people this week contact us wanting to go back to church. Both of them were raised in the church but have gotten lost along the way. Also, both were in relationships with people who did not share their same religious beliefs. That seems to cause problems almost without fail. So we are helping them make changes to their life. Change is hard. It is easier to not stray.

Reminds me of a quote from Elder Bednar from our stake conference - 
Keeping the commandments and honoring covenants is NOT hard. It is hard the other way around.

And that's a fact!

The ward trunk-or-treat was great. Ya know, we should have a ward photographer that then posts the pictures on ward Facebook page. People love pictures. When you Facebook stalk someone, let's be honest, you check out their pictures, not their likes or posts of just words. You look at the pictures. 

Sorry this is probably going to be short, I have a bad headache.

Speaking of piano, I played for a musical fireside yesterday (which was headed by a Nazi, btw, oh my goodness that woman needed to chill), I am playing in zone training as the pianist and for a missionary singing a solo, and I am playing at the baptism on Thursday. 

I want to play at the baptism Thursday. The rest of it? Not so much. Takes too much time to practice during free time, time that I could spend sleeping. I've been so wiped out lately.

We are going to the temple this upcoming Tuesday, that should be good. We are going with Sister Templin and her companion. Both Sister Templin and Sister DeBry lost their fathers at the end of October in past years, so both of them are having a difficult time. So we received special permission to go. 

Hopefully I will have some pictures for you next week! Sorry I have not sent any in awhile, but I suppose you have seen some of the pictures from Facebook. 


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