Monday, October 13, 2014

miracles & madness

Miracle first!

Actually, cool news first. Meet the Mormons sold out for two showings last Friday night. Hollah!

Okay, back to the miracle.
Remember the woman & daughter that we were teaching? And then she dropped us because her husband was did not want to learn about religion and was upset with how much time she was spending at church and lessons? 

I think I told you that we talked with her last Sunday, and she tentatively set up Wednesday. Anyways, so while we were walking up to their house Wednesday, her husband pulled up at the same time. So we talked with him as we headed up to their apartment. After visiting for a little bit, we asked him if he would like to join in the the lesson. He initially declined, but then he sat down to listen in!!

At the end of the lesson we were talking about going to the temple and sealings. The wife asked when she could go to the temple. We explained that it was a year after their baptism. So then she asked when she could set up an interview for her baptism! While we discussed dates, she then asked her husband, "do you want in on this?". And guess what.


So we set up a baptismal date for all of them. 
But then we explain that we will need to teach him, and they asked us to come back after our dinner. His lesson was amazing, he accepted everything and explained that he has never really had God in his life, but that he feels like it is about time and that he wanted to learn with his family and be a part of the gospel. 

The whole family. They are just amazing. And you can see how much more light they have in their life through accepting Christ and making him integral to their family. 

Okay. Cool lesson.
So we have the one family that we have been teaching awhile...he's a recovering alcoholic.. I think I have told you about them. But anyways, he has always had this weird concern. When we taught him about how there was no pain after this life, he got weirded out and said he didn't like that idea because he has always learned his lessons through pain. We've addressed this concern before, but it still has not really gotten through to him. But then I was prompted to ask him a question. 

I asked him, essentially: have you ever changed without being forced to?

And he was flabbergasted at that question. Because he has the habit of only changing when he is faced with a crisis. 

But let's be honest, so many of us only change when we are compelled to. 

So we left them with Alma 32:13-16. Read it, it's great! It talks about the difference between choosing to be humble and being compelled to be humble.

We left them with a commitment to find one thing that they could choose to change right now to bring them closer to God, without them being forced to change. 

And honestly, change is hard for them and not really in their vocabulary. Why change when things are going great? But this life is about constantly improving ourselves so that we can become more like Christ. Who doesn't need to become more Christlike? 

And so I extend that invitation to everyone, to find one thing to freely change now. And I guarantee you can find something. 

Now the madness. 
Sister Templin and Sister DeBry are switching places. Sister DeBry has been on the west end of Billings, and apparently that wasn't panning out how it was supposed to. She was called to be a sister training leader. And so she's coming back to Lake Hills and the office and Sister Templin is going to that area. That's all the information that I have right now. Sister Templin is so upset. We have gotten along really well and she loves the ward and the people. So yeah, this week is going to be crazy. 

Anyways, we have a lot to do today, so I have to go. 

Sister Griffin

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