Monday, October 20, 2014

news from Montana...

Sister DeBry apparently was really nervous to come back, she was afraid that myself and others would miss having Sister Templin. But she was quickly reassured by myself and several members and investigators of how happy they were to have her return.

Thursday night was fun, Sister Mecham accompanied us to our lesson with the family that is preparing for baptism. They are continuing to study and ask great questions. They pick up on small things we say and apply them to their lives. For instance, last Sunday in Gospel Principles class, I commented about how we as a mission pause after every prayer because it allows us to listen for answers from Heavenly Father. I thought I was just making a comment, but this family began to apply it to their own prayers and were telling us of the successes they were having with it! They are just so great.

Pretty much our only lessons left are the 10 Commandments, tithing, and the priesthood. That's it. And last lesson, they wanted to plan our their baptismal program. They have the songs and hymns they want and everything. It's fantastic! They keep telling us how their family is happier and more united since everyone started coming to church, reading scriptures, and praying. That's what the gospel does, it blesses families. 

Our stake conference this week was awesome. Sunday was a broadcast from Salt Lake, and the Saturday night was proceeded by a dinner. They had the missionaries sing "High on the Mountain Top" for the Saturday night and had us sit on the stand. I was the pianist for the hymn. I keep getting nailed for the piano. I guess that's a good thing. I'm accompanying another sister in a week for a musical fireside.

But the conference focused on hastening the work in all aspects. They talked about consecration and sacrifice, and how rising to a new level in those laws will help us hasten the work within ourselves. And it's only by improving ourselves that we will be able to hasten the work with others, both here and on the other side of the veil. They even mentioned how missionary work is so much more than just feeding the missionaries. SO TRUE. But our members aren't even feeding us.... just kidding! They are now. 

Other story. I think I've mentioned the very ADHD investigator we have... half Native, half Hispanic. Anyways, he moved downtown and we finally decided to transfer him over to the other stake... We met with him outside of the Applebee's by the rims. Towards the end of the lesson, he just got very quiet and still. That NEVER happens, he is ADHD for crying out loud. So we knew something was wrong. After the closing prayer, he walked a few steps away looking the other direction and wasn't saying anything. We walked over to see what was wrong, and he was crying! He felt like we were abandoning him! I made a grown man cry! We felt so bad, but explained we just wanted him to try out this new ward so he could have good friends and missionaries that lived closer. Anyways, we will just have to see what happens. We would love for him to keep coming to Lake Hills, but he is in a whole different stake, so it might be better for him down there. 

Can I just say, the office cross-training we are doing is going fantastically. By the end of this week, everyone will know almost every task in the office. I think I told you that I was trying to make myself completely not valuable in the office by the end of the transfer... The only problem though is that while the other sisters know how to complete the tasks, they don't necessarily have all of the trouble-shooting skills yet. But I suppose that just comes with time as you get used to how the office runs.

Well, I hope you have a great week! We are still having pretty warm weather, but everyone here says it almost always snows on Halloween... We shall see!

Sista G

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