Monday, October 6, 2014

wasn't conference just great??

hello hello hello!

My guess is that Emily is going to be called somewhere in Brazil. And then stateside my guess is California. Keep me posted! Texas could happen, too.

Okay, so my summation is support & sustain your leaders, prepare yourself & your family physically and spiritually, and reach out to others & act Christian.
Oh, and agency was throughout that, too. I loved the talk on justice vs. mercy, relating back to how we must use our agency to choose to repent so we can be saved. And President Monson's talk tied in to that as well, that we must walk as the Savior walked. We need to act and not be acted upon. Be an agent! Do what you are supposed to. I loved Holland's comment to do all that you can, and you would be surprised how that can add up. Honestly, I feel like many people stop or don't even start on the journey they should because they see the big picture and just feel like they can't make a difference. Oh my goodness people, just step up and do what you can! We are so good at making excuses nowadays. To quote President Uchtdorf (admittedly out of context), STOP IT! But that's just my few rants that I can remember from conference.

On to my new companion!
So I found out that while Sister Templin came here from Tennessee, she is not from Tennessee. She is more from Colorado and California. She is very outgoing and talkative and enthusiastic. Which is great, we really compliment each other. And hah she's really good friends with bishop's sister (because she is married to Sister Templin's brother) and bishop's sister chewed him out in making sure we get fed. Thus I'm thinking our lack of dinners will get fixed really quickly :) haha

Other news, we had an amazing lesson with that new investigator and her 9-year-old son. She told us how she just kept thinking about her message and how much she knew it was true. She loved church and was trying to figure out how to see conference (hopefully she was able). We shared the Plan of Salvation. Her comment was "wow. That makes more sense to me than anything else I have ever heard". We were sure to let her know it made sense because it was true, and that the spirit was confirming that to her. What a glorious knowledge we have of what happens after this life!

Remember the one investigator that dropped us because her husband was upset at how much time she was spending at church & lessons? We visited her last night. She shared with us her biggest concerns and some other questions. She has been reading from the Gospel Principles book! Anyways, she commented that she needed to get on track and wanted to just finish this journey out. We have a tentative teaching appointment with her this Wednesday! I really hope she can stick it out! She really wants it. 

So this is more for dad than anyone else:
Facebook news! Well, I stink at daily posts. I have no idea what to do/say, and I find using Facebook more as a chore than a tool. Maybe it would be better if we could just do it instantly, but having to track down wi-fi and only getting to use it between 10AM-4PM is annoying. We typically don't get out to proselyte until 4PM because of the office. 

ANYWAYS, despite Facebook not working too well for me, some of the missionaries are super good at it and super creative. They have already seen much success after just a short time. The elders heading this pilot program wanted to create some graphs to show President Mecham the results we have already seen. Problem? They have NO idea how to use Excel. None whatsoever. And the other office sisters don't really know how to use graphs. So I ended up teaching them. At one point I even diagnosed what they were doing wrong and told them how to fix it over the phone. Anyways, one elder asked me in the middle of me explaining the graphs how I knew so much. All I replied was that I worked at NASA and continued with the explanation. Their reactions were hilarious. "Woah woah woah, wait a minute, back up, you worked at NASA??"

Anyways, in their meeting with President Mecham when they presented the data and new strategies for Facebook, they gave the credit for the graphs to me. I thought that was great. And President Mecham approved many, many of the new Facebook policies. So while I don't Facebook well as a missionary, I helped get it to be more useful across the mission because of my Excel skills. And I learned pretty much all of those from NASA. 

Welp, love you all mucho!
Feed the missionaries.

- Sister Griffin

PS. Because of all of the stress on FHE, I was thinking you could include a short spiritual thought in the Sunday evening Google Hangouts. Assuming you are still Google Hangout-ing. Everyone is relatively close together now except for me..!

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