Monday, November 10, 2014

and so it begins...


and also first below 20 degree weather.

I was kind of hoping that the first snowfall would be a little bit warmer. we keep hearing different rumors on how cold it is supposed to get - one person insisted the lows would be in the negatives sometime this week...

Yay for freezing!

Transfer news - Sister DeBry and I are staying together in Lake Hills. But we are getting phased out of the office. I am really torn because I love the office, but I also want more time in our area. 

Here's the funny part of why we are staying though - Sister Mecham wanted us to work on the Christmas slideshow and she doesn't want anyone else to know about it. So she requested to President Mecham for us to stay. Apparently after Heavenly Father, Sister Mecham has the next greatest pull. BTW, I loved the picture you sent, it made me laugh. I definitely remember the Christmas that it was taken.

Anyways, we won't be completely out of the office because we will be working on that slideshow. 

But what President is doing makes a lot of sense - he switched an elder's area to a sister's area and is having those sisters working in the office. And those sisters live 5 minutes from the office. We live 25 minutes from the office. And Sister DeBry and I have been able to get the office super organized, done lots of cross-training, so they should be fine. My goal was to work myself out of the office, and it's been accomplished! I guess I would have preferred getting moved too, though.

Story time!
There is a young mother that is coming back to church after a nasty abusive relationship. I think I told you about her. One morning she wakes up with an awful headache and she has a super hard time getting her kids awake. They were super lethargic. She just thought all of them were getting sick. After getting them out of the house and drive around, all of them start to improve. 

That afternoon, she has someone come check the house. Her furnace had been leaking 25% carbon monoxide. Apparently a 9% leak is a big deal. But then that left her without a furnace. The bid she received to replace it was $2100, and she does not have any money right now. We made sure the relief society president a few other ward leaders knew. This Sunday we asked her how the house was doing without any heat. She then told us how someone from the ward came by and installed a new furnace and everything for free. Not sure where the members got the furnace from, but we were so touched how much our ward stepped up to help. That meant so much to that sister.

Next story!
Remember the 85-year-old that just started going back to church? He is a snowbird, and he is leaving for Arizona this Wednesday. We went by yesterday after church to say goodbye. I think I mentioned his wife passed away 6 years ago. He wanted to give me a new shirt and jacket that was hers. I was super touched. I'll send off a picture.

We also have new people to teach!
A 17-year-old tracked down some elders at Wal-Mart, asking for missionaries to be sent to her. She's in our area! So they passed the info to us. She took lessons down on the south side. We visited her mom who is in the nursing home in our area, and she wants lessons as well. 

Other new people!
There's a couple that moved from the Hilltop ward to our ward. They're in the 60s about. He's Catholic and she is recently reactivated. We had a joint lesson last night to transition them in to our ward. He knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and he wants to go to the temple and be baptized. He just is having a hard time letting go of some former ideas and notions. But they are super sweet, I look forward to teaching them. Hopefully they will like us. They loved the Hilltop sisters.

I don't know that I can think of any other news!

Love you all!
I hope the cold storm isn't as cold for you as it is here!

Sista EG

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