Monday, November 24, 2014

best mistake ever!!

So first, thank you for all the birthday cards & wishes & packages & etc!! 
Much appreciated :)

I like having a birthday around Thanksgiving, it makes me doubly grateful for everything from my birthday. 

AND I like having birthdays on the mission, because then I get to focus on everyone but me and I get the joy of helping others discover Christ :)

The coolest thing this week happened on my birthday!
(Best birthday present ever. Thanks Heavenly Father!)

It all goes back to that lady we met because I thought the car heater was going to explode. Saturday was the return appointment we set up with her.

She had wonderful questions, about why God lets bad things happen if all He wants is for us to follow Him, if her children were going to hell if they died because she had not had them baptized yet, if she wasn't among the chosen people of God because she wasn't born Jewish, why there are so many churches when there was only one church when Christ was on the earth, and then she expressed her desire to find a church that will finally feel right to her.


We answered all of those questions as we taught the Restoration. The spirit helped Sister DeBry and I guide our words so we could know how to help her understand. At the First Vision, she felt as though Joseph Smith's experience was true because she, too, was searching for the one true church, the "one Lord, one faith, one baptism" in Ephesians 4:5. When we extended a baptismal invitation and a date for the baptism, she readily accepted both. She could not make it to church week because of a prior family engagement, but she expressed her desire to come next week with her kids.

and NONE of this would have happened if our heater hadn't gotten all weird and if we hadn't been convinced to knock on the wrong door. It's the Lord's work, and He guides and directs the effort. That's all I've got to say on that one.

You wanted birthday details. So that lesson ^ was our first thing for the day, then we went to the office to work on the Christmas slideshow, then back to the heights for a musical practice, then for lunch Sister DeBry and I got ice cream cupcakes from Dairy Queen (tradition!) and then we tried people and went to dinner at the family who went to the temple, and next we had a weird Thanksgiving dinner for the single adults of which they wanted missionaries to perform at (really weird. But I played piano for 3 of the musical numbers.) and then we went to talk to one of our ward missionaries (who is actually less-active) about some of our teenage investigators that had ODD and ADD and ya know, normal teenage defiance. So we asked for advice and threw in lots of testifying and other good things.

It actually was a tougher week, no one was home OR they just weren't answering their door OR they cancelled. Primarily the middle one. In fact, we actually caught someone in the act. We went to visit a less-active family, the one where the daughter wants to learn so she can get baptized. They did not answer when we knocked, even though we knew they had to be home because all of their cars were there. But they have a St. Bernard puppy that had decorated the tiny yard with numerous droppings. We found a shovel and decided to clean it up since all of our appointments fell through anyways. About 3/4 of the way through, the mom came out and said we didn't have to do that, etc., but we just insisted on finishing. Anyways, the mom texted us out of the blue yesterday, confirming that we could come over this upcoming Tuesday. And in the text, she admitted she was hiding.. Blessings from doing stinky service, I guess! haha

We had a family sign up for Thanksgiving dinner, but now we cannot get in contact with them... ehh sketch. But we have had other families ask what we are doing for Thanksgiving, so hopefully we will have a place or two to go to.

I'll see what pictures I have to send along. 

Enjoy Thanksgiving!! make sure to reflect on what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving season!

Sista Griffin

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