Monday, November 17, 2014

Montana heat wave!!

The high today is supposed to be above freezing. MAJOR HEAT WAVE! Dad, stop complaining about 20 degree weather. :P

Funny miracle:

We were driving in the super cold negative temperature weather, trying a few people, when the fan for the heater started making some super sketchy noises. Remember when the lawn mower practically exploded on me because I accidentally put kerosene in the gas tank? Well ever since, I am always convinced that, when I hear funny noises, the car/machine is going to explode on me. 

Needless to say, I was freaking out. So I insist on driving to the Tennessee family's place because they are close by and I know they have a knack for mechanics. They did not answer.

So then we only have an awkward 30 minutes before dinner, and dinner is close to just around the corner, and I didn't want to drive far because this car is literally going to explode, I just know it. I just kept driving down the Tennessee family's street when I suddenly remember we could try a less-active family just down the road. 

I pull over at what I am convinced is their house. But just to be sure, I check the directory, the address on the house, I check the directory again, the house again, and conclude we are at the right place.

We knock at the door. 
"Are you Sister So-and-so?"


"Oh. Are you babysitting?"

No, I live here."
"Oh. Well that's awkward, somehow we must have ended up at the wrong house"

"Well do you want to come in? It's freezing. Come warm up"

(Don't have to tell us twice, we are missionaries)

Long story made a tad shorter, this lady had met with missionaries before. She thought they were really comical and awkward and so she kind of flirted with them to freak them out. Needless to say, they WERE freaked out and never came back. But she is currently going through a divorce, which was conflicting with the religion she was raised in- Catholicism. She said she would be willing to learn more, and even gave us her number, name, and address so we could return to share about our church. Woot woot!

...leaving her house we double checked the address again on the was totally the wrong address. So I am an airhead. I get it from mom. BUT HEY. Worked in our favor! Thanks, mom!

Another crazy thing? As we drove away, the heater completely stopped making weird noises, and it has not made any noises since.

Other news is that we finally got in to teach a handful of new investigators. One is a 50-60 year old lady that is just sweeter than sweet. We asked to give her a hug at the end, and she exclaimed "Oh, I've just been waiting for this!" Apparently she really loves hugs. But she loves BYUTV and she is drawn to the peace that she sees in LDS families. Anyways, she said she wanted to pray about what we had taught. Her husband, however, thinks his wife is going slightly crazy and thinking "what has gotten into her?" because she has never sought learning about different religions before. But hey, we've dealt with reluctant husbands before, just takes lots of patience and prayer and developing understanding. And sometimes more prayer. And more patience. 

We also had a lesson with two teenage girls. One of them referred herself to missionaries at Wal-Mart, who in turn passed the referral to us. The other girl was her roommate (they live at a Tumbleweed home, kind of for homeless teens) and she was way more interested than the girl that was referred, but both wanted to set a baptismal date. But they are teenagers, and so keeping them focused and on track might be difficult. I dread having teenagers down the road. Sorry mom & dad if I was ever a brat :)

Update on the family that got baptized - he was interviewed for the priesthood and has a calling in the young men's on the way! We also started them on their family history, and we found two names for him and one name for her to take to the temple to do baptisms. Hollah! So hopefully that should be soon. They made a comment that everything with church just feels so right and how it should have always been in their family. We just love them, I can't wait for you to meet them!

So that's our report. We are teaching so much more now that we don't spend so much time in the office. Which is ironic in a way, because we still go down to the office to work on Sister Mecham's Christmas project. Which, BTW, it's going to be awesome, we brainstormed some pretty great ideas. #goinghashtagcrazy,peepsgonnagetmad
Yeah, don't worry, I know that's not a real hashtag.

Anyways, stay warm! and have a great week!
The family that went to the temple back in August - they are feeding us on Saturday and she knows it is my birthday, so I am very excited and I should be well taken care of :)

Sista G

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