Monday, November 3, 2014

oh how sweet :)

THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! wahooooooooooooooo :)
So many people from the ward came to support them that we had to add tons of chairs. Sister Mecham was there as well. We conned her in to playing the prelude and interlude music so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

And then President & Sister Mecham were there for the confirmation. They congratulated them, in addition to a large portion of the ward.
The mom said the sweetest things. She thanked us for pushing them and commented how great she felt. She said she had not realized how much she needed baptism. 

All three of them were just glowing :)


This week has been very full, the baptism preparations taking up most of the time.

First, Temple Tuesday!
We went through the temple with Sister Singson & Sister Templin. Beforehand though, Sister Singson had us write these letters of things we needed to let go. Then we tied them to white helium balloons and let them go before we entered the temple. Such a "sister" thing to do, but it was nice. I was so grateful that Sister DeBry had a great experience with it. She was able to feel such great comfort from that activity. We took pictures, I'll try to remember to send them along. I engineered the better way to attach the letters, maybe I'll remember to comment on it next time.

But that was not the end of our Temple Tuesday! Because then we had the mom & daughter that got baptized to come take pictures at the temple. I'll try to include one of those, too. The mom LOVES Pintrest and had been looking up ideas of pictures to take of her daughter at the temple before their baptism. We were able to talk about the importance of temples and the special spirit there, and how in the temple we can be sealed to our family forever. We went just inside the entryway where there are two fountains that have great symbolism to the Fall, eternal life, and Christ's atonement. Super cool experience.
Anyways, it was a great day at the temple.

The family getting baptized was moving the day before their baptism, and so we helped them with the majority of their moving. We had a blast, we spend so much time in emotional and spiritual labor that it is super refreshing to perform some physical labor.

Thursday was, of course, the baptism. 
Friday was Halloween, so we had to be in by 6PM. We got permission to watch Ephraim's Rescue with some of the other sisters in the heights. Honestly, I am not a fan. But I was not a fan of 17 Miracles either. But on your mission you are just grateful for any movies that you are allowed to watch! I think I scared some of the other sisters thought when I expressed my opinion....they seemed to think I was turning apostate. In reality, though, I just enjoy quality, and readily recognize when quality is missing. 

On Saturday we actually had dinner with the family that got baptized! They wanted to thank everyone that helped them move. So they took us and some others who helped from the ward to Pizza Hut. Super awesome of them!

I'm getting bored of spelling out my week, so I'm just going to rant about this family. 
We frequently ask them if they have any questions, either from their Book of Mormon reading or just other questions. 

They ALWAYS have a question. Which means they are thinking about it, they are desiring to learn, they want to completely understand. And the next great part? They remember. I LOVE Gospel Principles class with them because they always have the most amazing answers and comments, stemming from conversations we had in lessons. What we share is sinking in. And people recognize and comment on that, on how they already have such a great depth of knowledge about the gospel. But the catch is neither of them have a religious background. So the spirit has been teaching them hardcore. They truly are just remembering the things they have been taught from before this life..

So I pulled out the calendar. True, we have been teaching the mom for quite some time, June or May. But her husband? He was ready for his baptismal interview in 2 weeks of teaching and baptized in 3 weeks. So prepared! But I would have never guessed, especially since he was the reason that his wife dropped us back in August. Such a miracle. And I am so grateful to be a part of their journey. Their eyes are truly set on the temple, and I cannot wait to come back to be with them in a year. I won't miss it for anything. (Just hopefully it is on a Saturday!)

Missionary work is truly the sweetest work. It's hard! It definitely can be frustrating. But it is filled with those incredibly special moments that mean everything. I cannot wait for you to meet this family!

Have a fantastic week! I shall send some pictures along :)

Sista G

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