Monday, December 8, 2014

count your blessings :)

So I am actually in a pretty crabby mood this morning. It all has to do with the lady that we used to live with. Long & unimportant story, so I shall not include it. But! I'm trying to look on the bright side instead. For instance, see the picture attached. That was our sunset this morning :) Pretty beautiful. That's Big Sky Country for you. 

Christmas zone conference was this last Tuesday.

The slideshow turned out AWESOME. We did a great job, just saying.
The music was all awesome, I got to play the flute like I did last year. And then I accompanied another sister that performed a flute solo. And played the piano for our choir practice.

The conference was focused on "He is the Gift". Dad reported in what he did to #ShareTheGift, but I am still waiting to hear from the rest of you.

My interpretation,
"discover" - depicted by reading the scriptures :: having spiritual experiences and gaining further knowledge of Christ.

"embrace" - depicted by praying :: applying the truths that you learned from discovering.

"sharing" - #ShareTheGift :: inviting others to discover or embrace Christ

So each of you need to decide how you are going to discover more, embrace further, and then reach out.

Maybe I told you about the family that moved up here from the south side? They came to the ward Christmas dinner and also to church on Sunday. They are the cutest family, especially the kids. I think I mentioned that the parents were baptized in August, but the kids have not been because they were all living elsewhere. So we are going to start teaching them this week, we hope.

Other news. We are continuing to meet with the sweet old man & his wife that moved in from a different ward. He is working on choosing a "stop date" for quitting smoking. He doesn't want to be pushed, though. But his daughter is quitting with him, and they have some bets going on, which is great. 

Also, Sister DeBry tried to die on me this week. I went out with another set of sisters (b/c their companion was sick, too) and in the meantime she had an asthma attack in conjunction with her cold and couldn't breathe. She had to turn the shower on with super hot water to create some steam. I forced albuterol on her and also had our WMLs come give her a blessing. Anyways, she is doing better now, though, but we've had to stay in a good part of this week.I haven't gotten sick really, for which I am grateful.

Anyways, I believe those are the main happenings! I am running out of time. I hope everyone get doing better!
Sista G

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