Monday, December 1, 2014


We got a Thanksgiving dinner! *Swoof. But only one. Last year we had three, soo..... hey, at least we got one. And we had dessert with the family that was baptized. We actually had quite a few families though that wanted us to drop by, even though they didn't feed us. So we were busy all day.

Okay, this family that was baptized is just so great. (I can't remember if I told you this) She wants this Christmas for her family to be very Christ oriented, and so she searched around the community to see what they could do. Apparently the men and women shelters in Billings do not have any Christmas trees. So she has been working to find artificial tree donations and then asked the ward to contribute ornaments. The Primary & Activity Day girls made ornaments, and several other families donated. I think they are decorating the trees tomorrow. Super awesome, huh?

I feel like we spent more time in the office this weekend than out teaching. Of course everyone sends in their Christmas pictures super last minute. And then the computer kept claiming it was lacking memory, etc, etc.. Anyways, after much drama there are finally 2 DVDs burned of the Christmas slideshow. And we did a dang good job. I'm going to see if I can steal a copy and bring it home. You'd probably get bored during all of the little kid pictures, but you'd like what we did for the beginning and the end.

Oh, and then Sister DeBry got pretty sick. And so we were kept in.

We did have another great lesson with that lady that we found by accident. And she was on her way to church, but she couldn't find the right building and so she ended up not showing up. We had accidentally left our phone at the office and so we weren't able to get her text that she couldn't find the right place. Gahh. But hey, we have another lesson planned on Friday and we'll make sure there isn't any doubt where to go!

A new family moved in that only got baptized back in August. They are struggling with quite a bit right now, so I imagine we will be working quite a bit with them. 

I find it so crazy how much our teaching pool has changed from when I first got here, and then also how much it has changed since Sister DeBry got here. People are being prepared.

Okay, soapbox time.

You've gone there already, right? And watched He Is The Gift, right?

If not, repent.

And then all of you have a brain and have Facebook. So please, please, please try to post something about how you are going to #ShareTheGift. Refer to the Ensign, particularly the insert. The church is trying to start a fad that focuses Christmas on Christ. They call it an "initiative", but whatevs. Just do it, and report on what you did to me :) I want to hear about it! And then keep it up... Hopefully this isn't foreign to you and you've already heard about it. But this is a simple way to help hasten the work. And it's fun. I'm sure there are some great ideas on Pintrest already. 

Hey, have any of you tried cinnamon in homemade turkey noodle soup? Or ketchup? Or cinnamon and ketchup? I did yesterday. Second weirdest family tradition ever. (First was applesauce on a grilled velveeta cheese sandwich, don't think I told you about that one). Not a fan of the ketchup, but I liked the cinnamon. 

Alright, that's my news. Christmas zone conference is tomorrow. I am playing the flute and the piano. I was finally able to find a decent flute in our ward. But I miss my Sonare. I knew I'd use both skills on my mission, but I didn't think I would be using them THIS much. Especially since I NEVER volunteer. Never. I just get asked to help out a lot.

Love you all!!! Happy December!

 Sista G

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