Monday, December 22, 2014

trying to (Love)ll... :)

So just a few things about Lovell:

1. Dad, you are close with your guess. The percentage that I've heard is that Lovell is 80% members, but I'm guessing it is only about 70% active, so maybe you are about right after all.

2. Super cool old houses. And with our house, the cool is very literal. We are in the attic, so it gets very cold. And the widow we live with doesn't turn the heat up very high. But the mission got us a space heater, so our room isn't bad. The bathroom & hallway are just a wee bit nippy. BUT the room has wood floor & walls and slanted ceilings, which I just think is the coolest. Technically though we don't live in our area. But with how TINY Lovell is, it don't matter. 

3. This has nothing to do with Lovell exactly. But people's grammar out here is really bad, and I have been imitating it, kind of to make fun of it. The consequence is that my grammar is getting bad haha Sister DeBry has been having the same problem, soo yeah.

4. So I am covering 2 different wards for the first time in my mission. The first ward is kind of old and all in town. The second ward is younger, but up on a hill outside of town. (I think second ward is off to the north, but my bearings are so incredibly OFF here. No easily visible mountains or rims). But all members are so NICE and FRIENDLY and MISSIONARY-MINDED. Much more than I have seen previously. Loved Lake Hills, but we had to really push them. These members do it on their own. What's funny though is that Montana matches my personality more - antisocial. That's why I went to Montana, everyone there is antisocial, but can be very social if it is on their own terms. Wyoming people are just super friendly, and it's weird. Good, but weird.

5. My companion is Sister Gray. She was actually the first missionary that I met in the MTC also going to Montana. But she is going home on her early date because her dad is graduating back home. And so this is her last transfer. She's very sweet, she reminds me of some of my favorite members back in Lake Hills. 

6. The teaching pool is HUGE with NO ONE progressing. With one exception, but he is moving. Lame, right? Gosh, I miss the huge amount of people we were teaching in Billings. So basically it's more like tons of potentials that don't want to do anything/make progress. There actually are quite a few youth that we will be working with, most not members, and a few that are less-active. Apparently we go to mutual, but they aren't having it for the rest of this week. Anyways, I'm not worried about it. No one was going anywhere when I showed up to Lake Hills. It's the Lord's work, he knows who is ready, and as we seek his help, we'll know where to go and who to focus on. It's that simple. Huge testimony of prayer.

7. Mom asked about shopping in Lovell. There is one clothes shop, one grocery store, and one convenient-like store. Oh, and a chocolate shop. There might be two banks, though. Anyways, super tiny. Not much here, and what is here is expensive. But apparently we might make it out to Cody next preparation day. There is at least a Wal-Mart there.

8. All of the members here refer to Lovell as the "celestial kingdom" of the Montana Billings Mission. My defiance wants to tell them that's a matter of opinion, because I was told that at least 3 times on Sunday. It seriously is like a mini Utah here.

Honestly, I think that wraps up pretty much everything in this place. As much as I feel claustrophobic in such a tiny place, I know this is where I am supposed to be. I knew I was leaving, and I had a feeling I was going to Wyoming. And ward council with the 1st ward felt very familiar, almost dejavu. So hopefully we can get things happening in 3 months :)

I did get to say goodbye to almost everyone in Billings, so I was grateful for that. There are so many wonderful people there. I am certainly going to miss them. Actually, the family that got baptized surprised me with cupcakes & balloons & cookies as a mini leaving party. They are the best :)



Sister Griffin

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